Opening Round - Episode 104

Rampage returns from his victorious Bellator debut only to find his life has been turned upside down. See how Rampage gets his life back on track and the surprise guest that helps him prepare for the upcoming Bellator Light Heavyweight tournament.

Aired: 02/27/2014

The New Opponent - Episode 103

The intensity is turned up as Rampage hits his pinnacle in training camp. But when Tito Ortiz injures his neck their upcoming fight gets cancelled. How will Rampage react to the last minute change and will he have enough time to prepare for Joey Beltran?

Aired: 11/13/2013

Make or Break - Episode 102

Rampage struggles to fully commit to training and makes his team question his dedication. His weathered body and battered knees add to their skepticism. With a training camp planned in Mexico to leave all distractions behind, will Rampage be able to get back in shape before the big fight?

Aired: 10/24/2013

The Last Party - Episode 101

Rampage Jackson has the biggest fight of his career coming up when he faces Tito Ortiz on November 2nd. But before training starts, Rampage tries to get in the last of his partying. Watch as he lives the rock star life style with his entourage, before he attempts to start getting back into shape.

Aired: 10/17/2013