After the Storm - Episode 108

To save a New Orleans dealership from going out of business, Tom Stuker must battle a couple of sleazy sales managers that are stealing customers from their own staff.

Aired: 03/17/2013

Dark Ages Dealership - Episode 107

Stuker confronts an owner who insists on conducting business like they did in the 1950s: won’t buy computers and allows his staff to steal each other’s customers, a practice Tom must stop before it leads to violence.

Aired: 03/31/2013

No More Mr. Nice Guy - Episode 106

The owner of a small town South Carolina dealership lends struggling customers her own money to buy cars. But when many refuse to pay her back, Stuker insists she must get tough to save her dealership from bankruptcy.

Aired: 03/24/2013

The Battle of Route 23 - Episode 105

Stuker is stunned when a car literally falls apart in his hands on a test drive but the defiant sales manager responsible refuses to cooperate and launches a violent tirade against Stuker in front of the entire staff.

Aired: 03/10/2013

Car Lot Cavemen - Episode 104

When Tom Stuker arrives at a struggling Tampa dealership, he’s shocked to discover a sales staff of hot models who know nothing about cars and a sexist owner who refuses to change his hiring policy.

Aired: 03/3/2013

Outta Sight, Outta Business - Episode 103

When Tom Stuker’s attempts to lure new customers to an out of the way New Jersey dealership are sabotaged by a combative staff, tempers explode and both sides refuse to back down.

Aired: 02/24/2013

Worst Little Car Lot in Florida - Episode 102

Car Sales expert Tom Stuker tries to revive Micco Motors, a dump of a used car lot along Florida’s Gulf Coast. But before he can fix up the dealership he must try to get the owner’s lazy twin sons to clean up their act.

Aired: 02/17/2013

Fight Club - Episode 101

Auto sales Legend Tom Stuker tries to rescue a Long Beach, CA car dealership dominated by brawlers & thugs. To save the business, he must try to convince the hardcore sales crew that the customer is king.

Aired: 02/10/2013