The End is Weird - Episode 306

A robot maker meets his maker; an exhibitionist goes down in public; Houdini's last escape; a vomit lover gets chunked; a prankster gets pranked; a Hollywood star gets drained.

Aired: 11/20/2010 Available until: 05/18/2015

Dying to Tell the Story - Episode 313

A couple gets antsy on a safari; an Amish kid parties to death; a braggart's new truck turns on him; a surfer dude is "board" to death; a little chop shop of horrors.

Aired: 01/29/2011 Available until: 06/8/2015

Sudden Death - Episode 312

A Japanese rocker dies onstage; a prison inmate blows an escape attempt; a sexiled roommate gets revenge; dumb terrorists melt down; a medieval Englishman gets the squeeze.

Aired: 01/28/2011 Available until: 06/8/2015

Cure for the Common Death Pt. II - Episode 311

A low rider gets crushed; nunchucks take out a dummy; Big Foot gets the boot; a case of spy vs die; a bikini girl swallows the wrong thing; an adult clown gets deep throated.

Aired: 01/19/2011 Available until: 06/1/2015

Deep Fried Death - Episode 310

Drugs, darts, and death in the 70s; a mean girl gets a chubby bunny; a juicer gets juiced; a thief bites his tongue; a groupie falls for a snake; Typhoid Mary goes down.

Aired: 01/9/2011 Available until: 05/25/2015

Young, Dumb and Full of Death - Episode 309

A salesman sells out; a coke head gets nosed out; a phony preacher sees the light; a peeper gets hammered; corporate trainer takes a fall; a dummy gets offed in the woods.

Aired: 12/10/2010 Available until: 05/25/2015

If You're Dead - Leave a Message and We'll Get Back to You - Episode 314

A hat maker doesn't make it; a tech-geek gets uninstalled; a carjacker gets jacked out; a pretend gangbanger gets body slammed; a scam artist gets a fatal hummer.

Aired: 01/30/2011 Available until: 06/15/2015

Putting A Smiley Face on Death - Episode 302

Self-liposuction goes poorly; a proctologist gets rear-ended; Russian gangsters have one too many; a Viking ruler tears into little brother; a nature lover tries CPR on roadkill.

Aired: 10/14/2010 Available until: 05/4/2015

Death On a Stick - Episode 301

A peeper takes a bath; slip and slide becomes slip and die; a bachelorette takes a mouthful; a monk takes on a donkey; a gigolo goes gums up; a boy band hits rock bottom.

Aired: 09/3/2010 Available until: 04/27/2015

Dead Wrongs - Episode 304

A cheerleader takes on the whole team; a sushi chef gets a raw deal; a raver gets a glow job; a hot mom gets a tummy ache; a hoarder gets trashed; a bully gets blasted.

Aired: 10/28/2010 Available until: 05/11/2015