Everything's Bigger In Texas - Episode 210

Allen and Ton take on the country's biggest auction in Texas, and discover a long-range Winchester 1886 rifle, and some 50s electric slot cars they test on a monster track.

Aired: 05/31/2011

Animal Instincts - Episode 209

The guys confront high-stakes competition in the OC and win a pump action shotgun, a Winchester model 1912 and a hunter's collection of prize big game, full-body taxidermy.

Aired: 05/24/2011

Fire In The Hole! - Episode 208

Ton takes Allen to his training ground, Rancho Cucamonga, CA. They strike gold with a 1930s "blasting machine" detonator box & an 1890s treasure chest with secret compartments.

Aired: 05/17/2011

The Chi-Town Showdown - Episode 207

Ton and Allen face off with an infamous bidder in a heated Chicago showdown. Undeterred, they land a metal Victorian-era burial casket, and 1870s glass fire extinguisher grenades.

Aired: 05/10/2011

The Chicago Grand Slam - Episode 206

Ton and Allen brave the frigid Chicago cold and uncover a 1984 Yamaha SS440 Snowmobile, an autographed 1920s baseball glove, and an authentic 1950s Robby the Robot collector toy.

Aired: 05/3/2011

Labor of Love - Episode 205

Ton and Allen dig through shipping containers purchased from a Long Beach auction and find an 80s Ms. Pac-Man arcade game, vintage Air Jordans, and a Harley V-twin EVO engine.

Aired: 04/26/2011

Disco And Dice - Episode 204

Ton and Allen spar with a major player in Ft. Lauderdale and win a Williams Disco pinball machine, an 1898 saloon dice gambling device, and a vintage talking Breathalyzer.

Aired: 04/19/2011

Sink Or Swim - Episode 203

Ton and Allen head to Torrance, CA and score a turn-of-the-century Thomas Edison gramophone with rare wax cylindrical records, and a one-man Addictor 190 Mini Boat built for speed.

Aired: 04/12/2011

Quadzilla Attacks! - Episode 202

Ton and Allen head to Playa Vista, CA and score a vicious high speed Quadzilla ATV and some assassin’s guns; a 1910s Remington Derringer and an 1880s Palm Squeezer.

Aired: 04/5/2011

Miami Heat - Episode 201

Ton and Allen’s “work-ation” in Miami yields a digital NASA missile countdown clock, a one-of-a-kind 60s Delta Relay rocket, and an 80s Air Commander hovercraft.

Aired: 04/5/2011