Fake Punt Payoff - Episode 309

Ton and Allen contend with a large crowd of newbies at a container auction in Pasadena. They find a small fleet of Segway personal transporters and an enormous custom-made shotgun.

Aired: 05/9/2012

Bowling Pin Payday - Episode 308

Allen and Ton revisit Moreno Valley to right some of Ton’s earlier wrongs, and land a 19th century rifle and a mechanical bowling pinsetter they gleefully test.

Aired: 05/2/2012

Drumming Up Cash - Episode 307

Ton and Allen fight familiar faces in Glendale, until a 40s Zildjian cymbal and a pyrotechnics control board used for fireworks light up their world.

Aired: 04/25/2012

High Flying Ton - Episode 306

A nerdy buyer tests Ton and Allen’s wits at a container auction in Ventura, but the guys fly high when they land a basket and burners for a hot air balloon & an 1800s German rifle.

Aired: 04/18/2012

Big Easy Money - Episode 305

The Big Easy is tough on Allen and Ton, but the duo wins a pair of early 19th-century dueling pistols and a vintage airboat with a turbine engine for their efforts in New Orleans.

Aired: 04/11/2012

Auction Hunter Shuffle - Episode 304

Ton and Allen descend upon entertainment-hub Burbank, CA and win a 40s-era shuffleboard table and an early hot rod made from the fuel tank of a WWII fighter plane.

Aired: 04/4/2012

Hidden Hot Wheels - Episode 303

Ton and Allen challenge big time auction buyer El Diablo on his home turf. Their efforts land them a 1969 Chevelle Malibu and a pistol used by Allied resistance fighters in WWII.

Aired: 04/4/2012

Ton's Driller Instinct - Episode 302

Bidders get as wild as their surroundings in Alaska, but the guys persevere and land an 8-wheeled amphibious ATV and an air percussion hammer that can drill through rock.

Aired: 03/28/2012

Cold Hard Cash - Episode 301

Ton and Allen get a frosty reception at an auction in Alaska. Undeterred, they find two enormous seaplane pontoons and a pair of Smith & Wesson revolvers.

Aired: 03/28/2012

Auction Hunters Live - Episode 300

In a special event, Ton and Allen have one hour to battle fierce locals and turn a profit in a high-end Los Angeles container auction occurring in real time.

Aired: 03/21/2012

Night of the Digging Dead - Episode 226

Ton and Allen head to Oxnard, CA, where they find a 40s embalming pump and one of the first electric bone saws. Later, the guys take to the seas to test a custom-built shark cage.

Aired: 10/18/2011