Gold ‘N’ Gloves - Episode 325

The guys toe-to-toe with Ton's evil twin. They find a medieval catapult designed for storming castles and uncover a hidden collection of gold bars worth thousands of dollars.

Aired: 09/26/2012

Money Makin' Monster Machines - Episode 324

The team ends up on a collision course with a veteran auction buyer. They uncover a collection of off-road vehicles and some hardcore heavy metal from the turn-of the-century.

Aired: 09/26/2012

Friends In Hawaii Places - Episode 323

Allen and Ton enlist Carolyn and Junior to help them battle local Hawaiian buyers. They find a WWII-era motor scooter and antique Polynesian tattoo tools that are used on Ton.

Aired: 09/19/2012

Hula Moola - Episode 322

Ton, Allen, and Carolyn jet off to the Hawaiian islands. They uncover a pair of James Bond-style gadgets and a vintage sled used to race down the side of volcanoes.

Aired: 09/12/2012

Allen's Ruff Day - Episode 321

Ton and Allen battle with a big-mouthed buyer and have to tangle with Carolyn. They find some hidden tranquilizer dart guns and Allen ends up on the tooth-end of a K9.

Aired: 08/29/2012

Gangs of New York - Episode 320

Ton and Allen duke it out with a local thrift store gang in Brooklyn. They discover a vintage classic arcade game and a mid-century water cannon for fighting towering infernos!

Aired: 08/29/2012

Ice, Ice, Baby - Episode 319

Ton and Allen get aggressive with a towering opponent and his mountain of cash. The guys uncover a vintage Zamboni, beer brewing equipment, and an Olympic biathlon rifle.

Aired: 08/22/2012

Ton's Hot Commodity - Episode 318

Allen is late to the auction, leaving Ton to battle Carolyn on his own. They find a fully functional flamethrower and a rare hand-carved South American bow and arrow set.

Aired: 08/15/2012

Choo-Choo, Cha-Ching! - Episode 317

Allen has to keep his mouth shut at a silent auction up in Alaska. They uncover a motorized railroad maintenance car from the 60s and a pre-WWI Japanese semi-automatic pistol.

Aired: 08/8/2012

Little-Ton Jones - Episode 316

Allen and Ton chat up Denver locals for some insider info. They find some 50s heavy gold-mining machinery and a patriotic rocket that can travel faster than the speed of sound.

Aired: 06/20/2012

Sidecar Surprise - Episode 315

A mom in an ugly sweater tries to pull the wool over Ton and Allen's eyes. The guys uncover a black powder cannon from the 15th century and a Russian military motorcycle.

Aired: 06/20/2012

Dead Aim - Episode 314

A shady bidder with bad fashion sense to boot proves no threat to Ton and Allen, as they win a custom built monowheel and rifle designed to ward off grave robbers in Riverside, CA.

Aired: 06/6/2012

Voodoo Moola - Episode 313

The guys head to Baton Rouge and find themselves fighting the law when an off-duty cop joins the fray. They score big with a pair of racing lawnmowers and antique barber chair.

Aired: 06/6/2012

Mr. Haff Goes to Washington - Episode 312

Ton and Allen capitalize on their trip to Washington DC with finds of a Civil War-era black powder revolver and a stash of South African gold coins.

Aired: 05/30/2012

Allen's Got Balls - Episode 311

Panorama City is legendary for big auction scores, and Ton and Allen win big with finds of a driving range golf ball picker machine, and a precision antique rifle.

Aired: 05/23/2012

The Jersey Score - Episode 310

Ton and Allen contend with some territorial Jersey bidders at a silent auction, but manage to walk away with a skeet throwing machine and an antique horse-drawn carriage.

Aired: 05/16/2012