Wanted In Two States - Episode 110

When an armed and dangerous drug runner flees to New Orleans, a team of Baton Rouge bounty hunters turn to Tat-2, the one man who may be able to bring the fugitive to justice.

Aired: 08/13/2012

The Standoff - Episode 109

Tat-2 tracks a fugitive who's vowed to kill anyone attempting to arrest him and ends up in a frustrating game of cat-and-mouse with family members that appear to be protecting the target.

Aired: 08/6/2012

Wanted For Murder - Episode 108

When a notorious gang member who is wanted for murder evades every law enforcement agency in town, Tat-2 hatches a dangerous plan to bring him to justice.

Aired: 08/6/2012

Running And Gunning - Episode 107

An Alabama fugitive with a history of drug and weapons charges is rumored to be hiding out in New Orleans and Tat-2 vows to track him down, despite the fact that the career criminal has evaded other bounty hunters for months.

Aired: 07/30/2012

Trailer Park Ambush - Episode 106

An ambush goes terribly wrong, leaving the team scrambling and young gun Ricky on his own, in the line of fire.

Aired: 07/30/2012

Man Down - Episode 105

When tragedy strikes and the team loses a bounty hunter, Tat-2 must carry on with a risky prostitution sting intended to ensnare a volatile crack addict.

Aired: 07/23/2012

The Long Gun - Episode 104

Tat-2 and his team bust out the heavy artillery when they prepare for a confrontation with a fugitive armed robber who has a history of fighting with the police.

Aired: 07/23/2012

Into The Dump - Episode 103

When a violent drug dealer vanishes with his 5 children in tow, Tat-2 and his bounty hunters follow his trail into a crime-ravaged neighborhood known as "The Dump."

Aired: 04/17/2012

Drug Alley - Episode 102

The team tracks a desperate junkie through the streets of the 7th Ward’s infamous “Drug Alley." And Tat-2 vows to bring in a childhood friend who wound up on the wrong side of the law.

Aired: 04/10/2012

Down To The Bayou - Episode 101

Tat-2, the most feared bounty hunter in New Orleans, heads down to the bayou to track a violent fugitive who’s made death threats against Tat’s friend.

Aired: 04/10/2012