Kicking Down Doors - Episode 110

Todd, Rick and Randye deal with a drunk manager, and the team discovers a wild secret a tenant is keeping from the landlord.

Aired: 08/10/2012 Available until: 04/1/2015

Liquored Up Landlord - Episode 109

Todd, Rick and Randye discover a distraught father living in utter filth, and investigate an extremely creepy resident with some unusual creatures staying in his unit.

Aired: 06/29/2012 Available until: 04/1/2015

Too Hot Tub - Episode 108

Todd and Rick help a tenant and landlord with a serious beef about a neglected unit; a loud humming noise in a unit becomes their worst nightmare.

Aired: 08/3/2012 Available until: 04/1/2015

Destruction Worker - Episode 107

Todd and Rick stake out a construction site to catch a vandal, serve notice to some ravers, and make a risky decision to save a horse and property from further damage.

Aired: 08/17/2012 Available until: 04/1/2015

Home On The Gun Range - Episode 106

Todd and Rick chase down a crazed man living on a boat, and come face-to-face with an irate tenant who refuses to answer any questions.

Aired: 06/11/2012 Available until: 04/1/2015

Red Neck Hand Plunge - Episode 105

Todd, Rick, and Randye need to find out which unit is up to illegal activities, and the team discovers a bloody situation that leaves them seeing red all over.

Aired: 07/24/2012

Rub A Dub, Big Man In A Tub - Episode 104

Rick stumbles on a peeping tom with a very big secret hiding in his bedroom, and Todd is forced to break up some illegal bare-knuckle fighting going down in a local boxing gym.

Aired: 07/16/2012

Bed Bug Hoarder - Episode 103

Todd, Rick, and Randye investigate a bug infestation problem at a local building, and the team goes head-to-head with a rowdy motorcycle gang squatting at a residence.

Aired: 06/29/2012

Animal Instink - Episode 102

Todd and his team investigate a complaint about too many occupants in a single residence, and a twisted dude who is doing amateur taxidermy in his apartment.

Aired: 07/20/2012

Trim The Fat - Episode 101

Todd and Rick investigate illegal dumping of medical waste, and take down a fleeing tenant whose truck crashes through a fence during an escape attempt.

Aired: 06/15/2012