Show Some Restraint - Episode 110

After his domestic violence arrest, a man has to be put in restraints while being transported to the jail. A transgender individual is arrested on a parole violation.

Aired: 07/22/2010

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Where's Your Head At? - Episode 105

A man cannot seem to understand why he was arrested, claiming that he was the victim since he had been assaulted by his female roommate. Confusion is sparked between the deputies over the gender of an arrested individual. A man claims to be part of the "international police and the BBC," is put into a holding cell after his inability to answer questions halts the booking process.

Aired: 05/3/2010

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Off the Edge - Episode 103

A woman is caught food shopping on crack, a guy strolls in pantless, and a woman channels Minnie Mouse.

Aired: 04/19/2010

Much Needed Medicine - Episode 102

An inmate claims to have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, while another inmate fakes a seizure. A young man is arrested for assaulting a 12-year-old boy and a sharp dressing crook is brought in.

Aired: 04/7/2010

Cirque du Jail - Episode 101

A man speaks alien languages, another sports devil-styled face paint, and a tuxedo-clad dude brags about his previous jail time. The circus could make a killing with this group.

Aired: 04/12/2010