Electronic Incarceration - Episode 422

A trio en route to the annual Electric Daisy Carnival is busted with a large amount of psychedelic 'shrooms in their car. A young lady learns that girls get searched too after her friends convince her to hide drugs in her bra.

Aired: 11/21/2015

No Hard Feelings - Episode 421

A homeless man punches a singing transient over a racist comment. A sleeping man gets hit with a brick because he owed his attacker money.

Aired: 11/14/2015

Pinky Promise - Episode 420

An intoxicated woman clashes with officers but later shows that good behavior pays off. An experienced hooker gives solid advice to a younger woman and begs her to get out of the "game."

Aired: 11/7/2015

Why Quit Now? - Episode 419

A man who threatened bystanders outside an apartment insists that he called 911 seven times for help. A woman arrested 45 times gives advice to a drug user who just got released.

Aired: 10/24/2015

Hyped Up - Episode 418

A hyper inmate transfer asserts he drank a month's worth of coffee in a day. A man arrested for DUI while doing donuts in a mall parking lot alleges he was robbed.

Aired: 10/17/2015

Fight Night - Episode 417

The night of the Mayweather-Pacquiao fight a woman pummels a nightclub security guard after a waitress refuses to engage in a threesome with her and her boyfriend.

Aired: 09/12/2015

Out Of Hand - Episode 416

A man believes he is an alien wrongfully arrested for jaywalking. Claiming to be a law school student, a man just doesn't understand why he was arrested for trespassing.

Aired: 10/3/2015

Happy Hour - Episode 415

A woman with a bad temper tangles with another woman who won't stop staring at her. After a fight with hotel security guards, a man is arrested for shattering the hotel glass door.

Aired: 09/26/2015

Luck Of The Irish - Episode 414

One man finds out it's never a good idea to light up a joint next to a building where police are searching for burglars.

Aired: 08/15/2015

No Spitting - Episode 413

The restraint chair does nothing to change the combative attitude of a woman who refuses to listen to officers. A spitmask-wearing suspect tries to score male enhancement drugs from the jail nurse.

Aired: 08/8/2015

The Hawaiian Princess - Episode 412

Tequila is responsible for one man's outrageous behavior as he is booked into jail. A woman in need of a trip to the beauty parlor attempts to sell pot online to make money for a cut and curl.

Aired: 08/1/2015

Risky Dancing - Episode 411

Grooving to the music gets one man a trip to jail after being arrested for dancing in the street in his underpants. A dad wants to treat his kids to pizza but gets booked for DUI instead and has a hard time understanding why he's been arrested.

Aired: 07/18/2015

Sing, Sing - Episode 410

A cologne salesman swears he sells the magic potion which makes ladies lose their undies. A Brooklyn-born tough guy bloodies his neighbor during a one-sided feud.

Aired: 07/11/2015

New Year's Special - Episode 409

Jail: Las Vegas has exclusive access, as officers on the street and in the jail brace for the arrests and the aftermath of out-of-control revelers during Sin City's New Year's Eve festivities.

Aired: 06/27/2015

Sing The Blues - Episode 408

A meth user tries to prove how tough he is. A drunk woman rages against everyone in her path. A couple’s wedding plans are ruined after officers find their stash of meth.

Aired: 02/28/2015

Ink Inspiration - Episode 407

Officers try to deal with a sloppy and combative drunk. After crashing his car, a lush tries to run from the cops. A woman gets tricked by her bail bondsman.

Aired: 02/20/2015