Thick As Thieves - Episode 113

Cops try and lower the boom; a driver flips out during a freeway chase; Lakers fans riot with pride; a robber with a butcher knife carves up a heap of trouble; a speed demon blazes a trail of mayhem.

Aired: 08/13/2012

Rebel Without A Clue - Episode 112

A radical zealot tries to spread fear; a man starts to roast in a metal tomb; a menacing meth head takes a police cruiser for a spin; a prisoner takes a mind-blowing dive; a motor maniac tells cops to shove it.

Aired: 08/6/2012

Revenge Of The K9s - Episode 111

A murderer tries to add to his body count; a boozer takes a lethal cocktail; a head of a correctional academy thinks he's above the law; a protester triggers more than class warfare; a grounded tanker goes sky high.

Aired: 07/30/2012

Between The Crosshairs - Episode 110

A junkie's high speed joyride ends horribly; a hotheaded husband has a sinister plot that goes "hiss"; a bad driver pays in blood; a birthday suit bandit aims a bare knuckle attack at a female officer.

Aired: 07/23/2012

Soft Targets, Hard Lessons - Episode 109

A man in China cuts it a little too close; a check forger has a tango with fate; chaos breaks out in a prison; geezers teach a thieving youngster a lesson; a robber suffers the worst misfire of all time.

Aired: 07/16/2012

Crookbook - Episode 108

A lunatic lights up the streets of Hollywood; a motor city madman tears through the city; a boozehound's got a burning desire; three youthful misfits sprint for freedom; a cowardly criminal finally gets caught.

Aired: 07/9/2012

Guns Speak Louder Than Words - Episode 107

Trouble-making teens test a hot rod; a wanted man shoots up a Detroit police station; a boozehound causes sin city insanity; an off duty police officer turns the tables on an ATM robbery; a train car goes boom.

Aired: 06/25/2012

Roaring Into Hot Pursuit - Episode 106

Street justice gets real serious real fast; dope mules try to out drive police; a rooftop hop escape comes to a halt; a youngster weaves through traffic; a robber's reign of terror gets stopped; a boozy floozy gets a gnarly mug shot.

Aired: 06/18/2012

Locking Horns With The Law - Episode 105

A nutcase takes his car for a joyride through city hall; a robot cop saves the day; an uncanny driver doesn't let up; a hard-charging hoodlum skids out of control; locked up gang members get into a slugfest with their guards.

Aired: 06/11/2012

Sky High On Rage - Episode 104

An outlaw hits fatal traffic; jewel thieves get stuck in a shooting gallery; an invincible farmers market maniac goes crazy; a drunk driver makes the worst mistake ever; a careless car thief takes one too many chances.

Aired: 05/28/2012

Driving While Crazy - Episode 103

A motorcycle getaway gets jammed; a heavy duty pickup plows through police; a hotel has a hostage crisis; a pair of convicts makes a run for it; a citizen stops a cruising criminal; a shortsighted drunk eats dirt.

Aired: 05/21/2012

Between a Diamond And A Hard Place - Episode 102

A diabolical robber gets dyed red; a captain shoots down a cruising escape vehicle; a freed prisoner goes insane; a diamond thief gets played; a high-speed pursuit gets real; a smash-and-grab goes wrong.

Aired: 05/14/2012

One Bullet Away From Insanity - Episode 101

A reckless renegade flies through rush hour traffic; car bomb goes boom; domestic abuser has ravaging road rage; a thief goes on a joy ride; a good Samaritan comes to the rescue; a bank robber fights back; a petro-packing desperado peels off the freeway; a handicapped man stops a hoodlum in his tracks.

Aired: 05/7/2012