Glory 16 Denver Preview: Pat Barry Pre Fight Interview

Posted April 25, 2014 | Views: 945

Pat Barry discusses his return to kickboxing and how leaving it to train in other disciplines made him a better kickboxer.

Glory 16 Denver Preview: Errol Zimmerman Pre Fight Interview

Posted April 25, 2014 | Views: 1,044

Wanting to avenge his last loss which was a first round knockout, Errol Zimmerman is ready to fight his way through the Heavyweight tournamet.

World Tag Team Championship: The BroMans Vs. The Wolves

Posted April 21, 2014 | Views: 1,174

Will The Wolves finally get a fair fight against The BroMans?

Sanada vs. Tigre Uno - Match 2 of 3

Posted April 17, 2014 | Views: 613

Can Tigre Uno must win to keep the series alive and force a third and final match for the X Division championship.

World Championship - Monster's Ball: Eric Young Vs. The Monster Abyss

Posted April 21, 2014 | Views: 15,933

Eric Young is thrown in the fire in his first defence of his belt. He must face The Monster Abyss in a Monster's Ball match.

Better Enemies

Aired: April 17, 2014 | Available until: 08/1/2014 | Views: 17,532

New World Heavyweight Champion Eric Young defends his title against an old friend. Plus the X Division series between Sanada and Tigre Uno continues.

Glory 15: Danyo Ilunga vs Andrei Stoica

Posted April 12, 2014 | Views: 390

The co-main event of Glory 15 is a Light Heavyweight bout between Danyo Ilunga and Glory newcomer Andrei Stoica.

Glory 15: Tyrone Spong vs Saulo Cavalari

Posted April 12, 2014 | Views: 317

In the Glory Light Heavyweight tournament semifinal #1 ranked Tyrone Spong takes on #4 ranked Saulo Cavalari.

Glory 15: Gokhan Saki vs Nathan Corbett

Posted April 12, 2014 | Views: 218

#2 ranked Gokhan Saki faces #8 ranked Nathan Corbett start of the Light Heavyweight tounament at Glory 15.

Glory 15: Gokhan Saki vs Tyrone Spong

Posted April 12, 2014 | Views: 8,353

Gokhan Saki and Tyrone Spong meet in the finals of the Light Heavyweight tournament. The champion is determined with a sudden brutal stoppage.

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