TRT in the Crosshairs

Aired: March 22, 2012 | Views: 35,789

Rashad Evans joins us to talk about his upcoming fight with Jon Jones. And we shine the light on Testosterone Replacement Therapy with an in-depth feature and a discussion with Dr. Armand Dorian.

Preview: Talking TRT

Posted March 22, 2012 | Views: 397

Tonight on MMA Uncensored Live we explore the controversy surrounding testosterone replacement therapy. Join us live at 11/10c on Spike and for all the excitement.

Dr. Dorian is back on Spike

Posted March 22, 2012 | By Brian Dermody | Views: 4,468

The top doc on 'Deadliest Warrior' is about to punch in.

Exclusive: Extended War Machine Interview

2 Videos | Posted March 19, 2012 | Views: 102

Former UFC fighter War Machine gives all the details behind his troubled childhood through to his career as a mixed martial artist and porn star.

MMA Uncensored Miro Mijatovic Interview

3 Videos | Posted March 19, 2012 | Views: 65

See what Miro Mijatovic, former manager of Fedor Emelianenko and Miro Cro Cop had to say about the corrupt environment and Yakuza influence that led to the fall of PRIDE.

MMA Uncensored Live Fighter Interviews

30 Videos | Posted March 19, 2012 | Views: 291

The biggest and baddest in mixed martial arts are on "MMA Uncensored Live", and we aren't pulling any punches.

War Machine: Beautiful Disaster

Posted March 15, 2012 | Views: 2,107

Go in-depth with War Machine as he prepares to surrender to a year-long jail sentence. From his drug-addicted mother, to the death of his father, to his controversial statements and career in porn, learn why he remains defiant.

Bellator 61 Preview

Posted March 15, 2012 | Views: 374

Chael Sonnen joins our panel to give their predictions for the Bellator Season 6 Middleweight Tournament.

Chael Sonnen on Anderson Silva

Posted March 16, 2012 | Views: 15

Chael Sonnen breaks down what his beef is with Anderson Silva, and why the champ is disrespecting Dana White and Lorenzo Fertitta. Then Nate schools Chael in geometry.

Chael Sonnen, War Machine, and the TRT Debate

Aired: March 15, 2012 | Views: 5,917

The one and only Chael Sonnen joins the panel for the night, and Nate's got a geometry lesson for him. Plus a feature on War Machine's last hours of freedom before jail, and should Rampage retire?

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