GLORY 19: Nieky Holzken - Training, Motiviation and Luck

Posted February 2, 2015 | Views: 19,292

Nieky Holzken doesn't feel a need to fight in a tournament to deserve a shot at the gold, but he's not complaining. The road to the championship starts with Alexander Stetsurenko on February 6, live on Spike.

GLORY 19: February 6, Live on Spike

Posted February 2, 2015 | Views: 371

Get the lowdown on all the action on tap as GLORY brings the best kickboxers in the world to Virginia, and the nationwide Spike audience. Join us February 6, 9/8c live on Spike.

Preview Bellator MMA - The British Invasion

11 Videos | Posted February 2, 2015 | Views: 1,537

The British are coming, and they're coming to take over. Join us live February 27 at 9/8c, live on Spike. Preview the action now!

Preview GLORY 19 - Verhoeven vs. Zimmerman

10 Videos | Posted February 2, 2015 | Views: 304

Errol Zimmerman challenges Rico Verhoeven for the Heavyweight Championship, and a tournament to determine the next weltweight challenger. Join us February 6 at 9/8c, live on Spike. Preview the action now!

Foundations: Daniel Weichel

Posted January 30, 2015 | Views: 383

Daniel Weichel captured the last big win at 145 of the Bellator tournament era. Check out his tournament win before he faces Pat Curran.

Foundations: Pat Curran

Posted January 30, 2015 | Views: 543

Jimmy Smith reviews Pat Curran's title win over Daniel Straus. Curran meets Daniel Weichel February 13, live on Spike.

Mike Tyson's Countdown: Glory Heavyweight World Championship

Aired: January 30, 2015 | Views: 11,264

Mike Tyson makes his debut as Glory Kickboxing analyst, as he explores the rivalry between heavyweight Champion Rico Verhoeven and challenger Errol Zimmerman. Tyson brings his perspective to reveal why these two fighters want to claim their place in kickboxing history, on February 6.

Mike Tyson & Rico Verhoeven - Extended Interview

Posted January 27, 2015 | Views: 8,078

Champions collide - Mike Tyson faces GLORY Heavyweight Champion Rico Verhoeven, in advance of Rico's title defense against Errol Zimmerman. Don't miss Verhoeven vs. Zimmerman at GLORY 19 - February 6, Live on Spike.

Mike Tyson & Errol Zimmerman - Extended Interview

Posted January 28, 2015 | Views: 6,169

Mike Tyson knows a thing or two about fights. Here he goes one on one with challenger for the GLORY Heavyweight Championship, "The Bonecrusher" Errol Zimmerman. Zimmermanfaces champ Rico Verhoeven at GLORY 19 - February 6, Live on Spike.

Bellator 132 Uncut

Posted January 26, 2015 | Views: 549

Go behind the scenes of Bellator 132, and a closer look at Patricio Pitbull's successful title defense over Daniel Straus.

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