Bellator 148 Breakdown

Posted January 21, 2016 | Views: 355

Jimmy Smith breaks down what to look out for as we head back to the Savemart Center in Fresno, CA on 1/29 for #Bellator148: Daley vs Uhrich!

Sitdown: Chris Honeycutt

Posted January 21, 2016 | Views: 18

Chris Honeycutt believes that he and Paul Bradley have very similar skills, only he is much better with them. He discusses the background and accomplishments that have helped him prepare for their rematch and how his hand will be raised at the end of the fight.

Foundations with Raphael Butler

Posted January 6, 2016 | Views: 852

Staying focused is the key to any great fighters' game plan. Raphael Butler showed his focus to stay on top of a difficult submission, such as the standing guillotine choke he used versus Josh Diekmann.

Kimbo Slice Hates Bullies

Posted January 1, 2016 | Views: 931

Kimbo Slice talks about the time he had to stand up to a bully who terrorized the school, 50 cents at a time.

Fencing With Tim Morehouse

Posted December 30, 2015 | Views: 355

Steve Weatherford meets up with Olympian Tim Morehouse and learns some techniques and traditions of Fencing.

Who is DADA 5000?

Posted December 28, 2015 | Views: 1,123

Find out how street fighting legend Dhaffir Harris got his name.

Foundations With Paul Daley

Posted December 28, 2015 | Views: 109

Jimmy Smith breaks down how a knockout artist like Paul Daley has matured into a fighter who can go the distance with anyone who steps into the cage with him.

Matt Secor Vs. Jeremie Holloway

0 Videos | Posted December 23, 2015 | Views: 0

In Bellator 144 Matt Secor squared off against Jeremie Holloway.

Tactical Training

Posted December 23, 2015 | Views: 932

Steve Weatherford debuts as Playbook 360 co-host, and first up is Scott Reitz and International Tactical Training Seminar.

Bellator 149 Fighters Pack Your Holidays With A Punch!

Posted December 23, 2015 | Views: 419

Our Feb 19th fighters, Kimbo Slice, Royce Gracie, Ken Shamrock and Dada 5000 share what makes this season special.

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