Search & Restore: ’67 Chevy II Part 1

Aired: December 14, 2013 | Views: 380

When Andy lost his wife to cancer, priorities changed. His Nova sat in the garage as a constant reminder of a dream unfulfilled. Enter our volunteer team. This 4 week build transforms the family car into a tribute to a loved one not forgotten.

Search & Restore: ’67 Chevy II Part 2

Aired: December 14, 2013 | Views: 278

With paint and bodywork complete, our team finishes the task of completing a frame-off resto of Andy’s 67 Chevy II in just 4 weeks’ time. He and his small children visit the Tech Center to see the transformation of their Nova turned bonafide hotrod.

Search & Restore: Multipurpose TJ Part 1

Aired: December 14, 2013 | Views: 620

Jason loves to go wheeling, but can’t hang with the big boys in his stock wheeler. Our all-volunteer team heads to Louisiana to rescue his Jeep TJ from the junkyard. Host Tim Strange calls upon the top aftermarket suppliers to give this ride a steroid injection!

Joseph Park & Eric Young Vs. Bad Influence

Posted December 12, 2013 | Views: 579

Joseph Park & Eric Young face Bad Influence in Tag Team bout. Eric Young has an unique way of motivating his partner.

Feast Or Fired

Posted December 12, 2013 | Views: 408

The stakes are huge in this Feast Or Fired match. Four cases are battled for with three being automatic title shots and one a pink slip. See who risks everything for that chance.

X Division Championship: Chris Sabin Vs. Austin Aries

Posted December 12, 2013 | Views: 225

The X Division Championship is on the line as Chris Sabin accepts Austin Aries challenge.

Rico Verhoeven Wants To Be Like Peter Aerts

Posted October 12, 2013 | Views: 6,993

Right after clinching the win at the Glory 11 Heavyweight Tournament, Rico Verhoeven made it clear that Peter Aerts is the gold standard. At Glory 13, Verhoeven has the chance to assume that position.

Shredding The Back Country With Iris Lazz

Posted December 18, 2013 | Views: 143

Dhani jones sits with Iris Lazz and talk about how riding for O'Neill was a dream come true and how the Alaskan back country is the greatest place on earth to snowboard.

Nieky Holzken vs. Karapet Karapetyan: The Ghost

Posted December 11, 2013 | Views: 1,642

Nieky Holzken faces Karapet Karapetyan in the semi finals of the Glory Welterweight Tournament, and Holzken knows he has a target on his back.

Errol Zimmerman: I Have To Be Number One

Posted December 11, 2013 | Views: 1,568

Daniel Ghita came out on top the first time he fought Errol Zimmerman in 2010. They'll meet again at Glory 13, and Zimmerman predicts a different outcome.

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