Man Wearing Sidney Crosby Jersey Honors his Hero by Taking Unnecessary Dive

Posted January 14, 2011 | By davidbreitman | Views: 133

Drunken hockey fans pay homage to their favorite players in unusual ways. Just before the Penguins kicked off their 2011 Winter Classic, the young man in this video did so by throwing on a Sidney Crosby and emulating one of his patented “planned falls” on the roof of his date rapist...

Mantenna - Thursday, January 13

Posted January 13, 2011 | By | Views: 260

Backstreet Boy A.J. McLean goes back to rehab, Gucci Mane gets an ice cream cone tattooed on his face, and Lawrence Taylor will now be able to continue his “active” dating life...more Mantenna, please.

Hockey Fans Have Hearts of Gold, Solid Grasp of American Anthem

Posted January 13, 2011 | By davidbreitman | Views: 125

Elizabeth Hughes got the opportunity of a lifetime when she was asked to sing “The Star-Spangled Banner” before an AHL hockey game last weekend. Sadly, mid-way through the tune, her microphone cut out. Rather than let technical difficulties ruin her experience, the entire arena...

And The Worst Parent Award Goes To...

Posted January 13, 2011 | By dsussman | Views: 209

In one of the most appalling videos ever to hit the Internet, four-year-old ‘model’ Mia Grande wows the audience at the Darling Divas pageant by performing an extremely awkward strip tease to a compilation of Madonna’s most popular jams. You know you’re in trouble when...

The 10 Most Annoying People You Meet at the Gym

Posted January 13, 2011 | By DannyGallagher | Views: 4,610

The gym is like an office for insane people. However, unlike the daily torture chamber that we all call “a job," people actually pay gyms to get physically and emotionally tortured on a daily basis. It shouldn’t be this way. Gyms should have to pay us to go to their fitness-themed...

Mantenna - Wednesday, January 12

Posted January 12, 2011 | By davidbreitman | Views: 505

Kate Hudson is sporting a fancy new baby bump, Nicole Kidman reveals her beauty secrets, and LeBron James is still working out the kinks of Karma. Time to put the women and children to bed and go looking for some Mantenna.

Feel-good Story of Year Started with a Collection of Feel-Good Mug Shots

Posted January 12, 2011 | By davidbreitman | Views: 53

Earlier this month, (and just about every other web site in America) brought you the touching story of Ted Williams – a homeless man given a second chance to chase his dream as a broadcaster. Today, (and just about every other web site with access to police records)...

Mantenna - Tuesday, January 11

Posted January 11, 2011 | By | Views: 240

Mila Kunis reveals she was blind, Verizon finally gets the iPhone, and Sam Mendes is officially directing the new James Bond film...and the wind cries Mantenna!

The 10 Greatest Non-Human Drinkers

Posted January 11, 2011 | By DannyGallagher | Views: 1,345

Humans aren’t the only beings to indulge in getting so trashed that they can find a lamp sexually attractive or maybe even “the one.” Alcoholism and the fun of being physically unable to remember your name knows no biologic boundaries.

Mantenna - Monday, January 10

Posted January 10, 2011 | By | Views: 399

JWoww claims she was passed out during her nude photo shoot, Bullitt director Peter Yates has passed away, and the Miami Heat are totally cool without bench support...careful, man, there's a Mantenna here!

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