Remember When People Used to Respect Brett Favre?

Posted January 20, 2011 | By davidbreitman | Views: 195

Back in the day, Brett Favre was a happy-go-lucky gunslinger who wasn’t afraid to throw into triple coverage or frolic aimlessly in Wrangler jeans. People loved (or at least tolerated) his shtick. Then, after a few fake retirements and his vague understanding of how “sexting”...

Mantenna - Wednesday, January 19

Posted January 19, 2011 | By | Views: 509

Sexy new pictures of Rihanna sunbathing surface, Carmelo Anthony is no longer excited by his own drama, and the Coachella 2011 lineup is announced...and I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious Mantenna!

Ex-NBA Star Finds New Career in Straight-to-Airplane Released Movies

Posted January 19, 2011 | By davidbreitman | Views: 124

Five years ago, Rashad McCants was one of the most celebrated college basketball players in the country. 39 career starts and a failed relationship with Khloe Kardashian later and he’s starring in nonsensical gangster movies. It’s tough to describe rock bottom, but you can usually...

Mantenna - Tuesday, January 18

Posted January 18, 2011 | By | Views: 108

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban welcome a new baby girl, Regis Philbin is leaving daytime TV, and a man celebrating the Jets victory tragically dies on a wouldn't hit a Mantenna with glasses, would ya?!

Angrily Yelling at Reporters Looks Like a Lot of Fun

Posted January 18, 2011 | By davidbreitman | Views: 91

Following the New York Jets’ shocking win over the New England Patriots last Sunday, star linebacker Bart Scott celebrated by aggressively yelling at a reporter. Why? Because he could.

Top 10 Hats for Guys and What They Say About You

Posted January 18, 2011 | By DannyGallagher | Views: 10,312

If you celebrated National Hat Day this past Saturday, you know that this miracle of men’s fashion can accessorize a drab outfit or bring a touch of much needed class to an uncultured slob. But sometimes the hat wears him, as evidenced by these skull-toppers.

Mantenna - Friday, January 14

Posted January 14, 2011 | By | Views: 828

Selma Blair is pregnant, Justin Bieber gets hospitalized, and Cam Newton will not return to the scene of the crime...the Mantenna always fights to the death!

Failure is Funnier when it's Done in Unison, on a Bicycle

Posted January 14, 2011 | By davidbreitman | Views: 117

BMX racing is occasionally entertaining. Eight BMX racers falling flat on their faces at the start of a race, however, is delightful every single time.

Man Wearing Sidney Crosby Jersey Honors his Hero by Taking Unnecessary Dive

Posted January 14, 2011 | By davidbreitman | Views: 191

Drunken hockey fans pay homage to their favorite players in unusual ways. Just before the Penguins kicked off their 2011 Winter Classic, the young man in this video did so by throwing on a Sidney Crosby and emulating one of his patented “planned falls” on the roof of his date rapist...

Mantenna - Thursday, January 13

Posted January 13, 2011 | By | Views: 296

Backstreet Boy A.J. McLean goes back to rehab, Gucci Mane gets an ice cream cone tattooed on his face, and Lawrence Taylor will now be able to continue his “active” dating life...more Mantenna, please.

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