New Red Band Trailer for Our Idiot Brother

Posted August 25, 2011 | By dsussman | Views: 562

Filled with to the brim with even more never-before-seen footage and tons of f-bombs, here’s a new Red Band trailer for the awesome-looking comedy Our Idiot Brother. After selling a bunch of weed to a cop and being released early from prison, Ned (Paul Rudd) barges into the lives of his three...

Jim Carrey Really Loves Emma Stone. Seriously.

Posted August 25, 2011 | By dsussman | Views: 919

In this personal-yet-creepy video circling the Internets, legendary funnyman Jim Carrey pours his heart out to sexy starlet Emma Stone with a message of love, honesty, and a few awkward moments. Is he for real or just actin’ a fool? Find out for yourself after the jump.

Mantenna - Steve Jobs Resigns as Apple CEO

Posted August 24, 2011 | By dsussman | Views: 1,994

Steve Jobs resigns as Apple CEO, Kim Kardashian’s wedding album is here, and Paul Konerko gets his 2,000th hit…the Mantenna is freakin’ out, man!

The Charlie Sheen Roast is On and Winning

Posted August 24, 2011 | By dsussman | Views: 2,039

Set to hit television screens Monday, September 19 at 10/9c, fill up on Tiger Blood and get ready to start "Winning!" because Comedy Central is roasting the one-and-only Charlie Sheen. Unlike any other comedy event before it, The Roast of Charlie Sheen is already setting out to become the biggest...

Mantenna – Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Are Not Actually Getting a Divorce

Posted August 23, 2011 | By dsussman | Views: 1,339

Will Smith and Jada Pinkett are not actually getting a divorce, Motown legend Nick Ashford passes away, and Jimmy Kimmel's Uncle Frank dies at 77… grab a beer, drop your pants, and send your wife and kids to France. It's the Mantenna!

New Trailer for Martin Scorsese‘s George Harrison: Living in the Material World

Posted August 23, 2011 | By dsussman | Views: 697

Directed by the one and only Martin Scorsese, Living in the Material World is an upcoming HBO documentary that follows George Harrison's early life in Liverpool, the insane success of The Beatles, his travels to India, and his personal life away from the public. Hit it.

This is the Greatest Duct Tape Ad Ever

Posted August 23, 2011 | By Theta1138 | Views: 1,321

How often do you think about duct tape? Normally, it's just there, sitting in the toolbox, occasionally helping with a task. Its job is to be grey and sticky and be great at everything except actually sealing ducts, and that's about it.

Mantenna - Lil Wayne Injured in Skateboarding Accident

Posted August 22, 2011 | By dsussman | Views: 2,790

Lil Wayne is injured in a skateboarding accident, the WarGames remake has a screenwriter, and Oregonians are getting it on the most...ask not what your Mantenna can do for you, ask what you can do for your Mantenna.

Personal Letter from Phil Hartman to Fan Doubles His Posthumous Awesome Quotient

Posted August 22, 2011 | By DannyGallagher | Views: 787

One of the greatest crimes against comedy, even greater than the prosecutions against Lenny Bruce, was the untimely death of Saturday Night Live legend and all around funnyman Phil Hartman.

New Trailer for Machine Gun Preacher

Posted August 22, 2011 | By dsussman | Views: 987

Based on the true life story of Sam Childers and starring Gerard Butler, Machine Gun Preacher tells the amazing tale of a former drug-dealing biker badass who finally finds spiritual guidance and goes on to become a crusader for hundreds of Sudanese children who've been forced to become soldiers....

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