Nike's Marty McFly Shoe Gets Awesome Commercial

Posted September 9, 2011 | By DannyGallagher | Views: 920

The world seems to have gone absolutely bonkers over Nike's new Back to the Future-inspired self-lacing shoe, the Nike Mag, and now it has one more reason to spend the day in a straitjacket.

Top 10 Greatest Cinematic Beaters

Posted September 9, 2011 | By dsussman | Views: 2,776

Badass automobiles stacked to the gills with the coolest modifications known to man have always been a staple in cinema. But it’s the old beat-up junkers that have more personality and are more near and dear to our collective hearts.

Mantenna - Nike Unveils Marty McFly's MAG Sneakers

Posted September 8, 2011 | By dsussman | Views: 2,059

Nike finally unveils Marty McFly's MAG sneakers, Google snaps up Zagat, and Dave Grohl destroys Glee again... have you ever danced with the Mantenna in the pale moonlight?

Kurt Angle on Warrior

Posted September 8, 2011 | By Brian Dermody | Views: 12,053

He's an Olympic gold medalist, and a star of IMPACT WRESTLING on Spike. Now Kurt Angle steps into the cage.

New Trailer for The Human Centipede 2 (Full Sequence)

Posted September 8, 2011 | By dsussman | Views: 1,396

It’s back, guys. A brand new trailer for the sequel to Tom Six’s gross-out horror flick The Human Centipede (First Sequence) has been released and it’s pretty much as insane as you might think. Based on this short clip, The Human Centipede 2 (Full Sequence) will be giving audiences many more...

Mantenna - Madonna Slams Lady Gaga

Posted September 7, 2011 | By dsussman | Views: 1,988

Madonna slams Lady Gaga, Yahoo!’s CEO is fired by phone, and Kelis starts a beef with Katy Perry…the Mantenna is once bitten, twice shy!

New Michael Jackson: The Life of an Icon Trailer

Posted September 7, 2011 | By dsussman | Views: 479

The Life of an Icon is a brand new documentary that features an unprecedented look into the life and times of the King of Pop, Michael Jackson. Filled with tons of never-before-seen footage as well as classic images from his legendary career, the upcoming film attempts to tell the real story of...

Mantenna – Eddie Murphy to Host Academy Awards

Posted September 6, 2011 | By dsussman | Views: 816

Eddie Murphy to host the 84th Annual Academy Awards, Lauren Bush becomes Lauren Lauren, and Madonna rejects a fan’s flowers…the Mantenna can’t be stop! The Mantenna won’t be stopped!

New Trailer for The Double

Posted September 6, 2011 | By dsussman | Views: 354

Starring Richard Gere and Topher Grace, The Double is a new dramatic thriller about a retired CIA operative who gets paired with a young FBI agent in an attempt to unravel the mystery of a senator's recent murder. With all signs pointing to a Soviet assassin, this new preview unveils an unlikely...

Another New Trailer for Melancholia

Posted September 6, 2011 | By dsussman | Views: 480

Visually stimulating on almost every level possible, Melancholia is masterful disaster drama written and directed by Lars von Trier. Starring Kirsten Dunst, Kiefer Sutherland, and Charlotte Gainsbourg, Melancholia is the tale of a group of well-to-do people that try to cope with their own...

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