Lindsay Lohan to Pose Nude with Strange Accessory

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Lindsay Lohan is not going to let a little court ordered sobriety bracelet get in the way of promoting something. The troubled actress is preparing to pose nude with her SCRAM bracelet. Sexy!

Mantenna - Friday, June 18

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Lindsay Lohan gets vindicated, Brian Wilson is rejoining the Beach Boys, and American soccer is kinda awesome...Mantenna is reeling in the years!

The Movie Outlet

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Photo: Hulton Archive/Getty Images

Lindsay Lohan May Be Going to Jail

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Lindsay Lohan is in hot water. Apparently her alcohol monitoring bracelet, known as a SCRAM device, was triggered during an after party for the MTV Movie Awards on Sunday night.

The Top 10 Celebrities That Look Like Random Objects

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After many years of numerous publications taking aim at all things famous, making fun of celebrities has become really hard work these days. Thanks, Internetz! Although, sometimes you need to get a little creative, use your noodle, and just point out the obvious.

The First Shots of Lindsay Lohan as a Porn Star Are Here

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Lindsay Lohan is apparently actually working again because couple of brand new movie posters for the upcoming biopic Inferno, the tale of infamous porn star Linda Lovelace, have been unleashed on the Internet.Photographer Tyler Shields took the new pictures of Lohan and even told People that...

Lindsay Faces the Music

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Lindsay Lohan showed up to court today and left wearing a new accessory: a court-ordered, big, ugly alcohol-monitoring ankle bracelet known as SCRAM.

Mantenna - Friday, May 21

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Lindsay Lohan gets photographed with lines of mysterious white powder, Bono undergoes emergency back surgery, and Master P's son is a big failure on the basketball court...we were somewhere around Barstow, on the edge of the desert, when the Mantenna began to take hold!

Lindsay Lohan to be Arrested

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A warrant for Lindsay Lohan’s arrest has been issued after the troubled actress failed to show up today at a scheduled court date in Los Angeles. Lohan, who says she is stuck in France at the Cannes Film Festival, is expected to be arrested once she flies back into the U.S.

Mantenna - Wednesday, May 19

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More naughty Kendra Wilkinson sex tape news arrives, Amy Winehouse goes back to rehab, and UC Berkeley asks incoming students for their DNA...the Mantenna just got real!