Lindsay Lohan is Probably Heading Back to Jail

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It looks like Lindsay Lohan is in hot water again after reportedly failing a drug test.

Lindsay Lohan Shows Up at the MTV VMAs, Ass-Slaps Chelsea Handler

Posted September 13, 2010 | By dsussman | Views: 1,314

Lindsay Lohan made a surprise guest appearance at the VMAs last evening and smacked around host Chelsea Handler after making fun of her well-documented drinking habit and a fake SCRAM bracelet. Oh, she also lit up Handler's booty with a nice big slap.

The Movie Outlet

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Mantenna - Wednesday, September 8

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Snooki gets bullied by a judge, James Franco loves himself, and Mike Tyson shares his biggest regret..the Mantenna is not a one-woman man!

Lindsay Lohan Accused of Hit-and-Run

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Lindsay Lohan has been out of rehab for just over a week but could already be in trouble with the law again. The embattled actress has been accused of hitting a woman and a baby with her brand new Maserati in an apparent hit-and-run.

The Movie Outlet

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Mantenna - Thursday, September 2

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Jerry Lewis slams Lindsay Lohan, Axl Rose storms offstage once again, and college football is starting tonight...the Mantenna is playin' with the boys!

The Movie Outlet

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Lindsay Lohan Heads Back to the Club

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A day after an interview was published in which Lindsay Lohan said she’d given up her hard partying lifestyle to work on “great movies,” the troubled actress was back at the bar.

Mantenna - Tuesday, August 24

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Jenna Jameson slams celebrity sex tapes, Wyclef Jean gets shut down, and Johnny Damon tells Boston to go Sox's not you, it's the Mantenna!