Mantenna - Thursday, November 5

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Lindsay Lohan hits back at her daddy, Guillermo Del Toro talks shop about The Hobbit, and the flux capacitor celebrates a very happy birthday...the Mantenna the greatest thing since sliced bread!

Lindsay Lohan's Desperate Plea for Help

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Lindsay Lohan’s deadbeat dad is unlikely to win any father of the year awards after he released audio of a private conversation where the troubled actress breaks down and pleas for help.

Mantenna - Tuesday, September 29

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Lindsay Lohan brings her "services" to Singapore, the new Predators script is awesome, and DJ AM's death is ruled an accidental drug overdose...the Mantenna has spoken!

Mantenna - Wednesday, September 16

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Lindsay Lohan is a wonderful role model, NCAA President Myles Brand passes away at 67, and The Beatles and Jay-Z dominate the U.S. charts...Who wants a piece of the Mantenna?!

Mantenna - Thursday, September 10

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Lindsay Lohan and her gal pal fight using Twitter, Paris Hilton gets in the dictionary, and He-Man movie might be on the ropes...De Mantenna! De Mantenna!

Lindsay Lohan Offered Stacks of Cash to Pose for Playboy

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Playboy magazine has offered Lindsay Lohan a pile of money to pose in her birthday suit for the iconic men’s magazine. And it's a pretty big pile.

Mantenna - Monday, August 31

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Lindsay Lohan gets a new tattoo, Predators is going to Hawaii, and the death of ex-Rolling Stone Brian Jones is set to be re-examined...That's one small step for man; one giant leap for Mantennakind!

Was Lindsay Lohan's Sex Tape Stolen?

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Over the weekend Lindsay Lohan’s house was robbed...and a much rumored sex tape may have been one of the items stolen.

Someone Actually Wants a Part of Linsday Lohan

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Linsday Lohan is having a bad run of luck. The actress is unemployed, crying poor, and desperately trying to stay in the spotlight. She is, however, popular among one group of people…thieves!

Mantenna - Monday, August 3

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Linsday Lohan seems to have a death wish, Jessica Simpson gets trashed, and Michael Moore threatens to give up making documentaries...this is the Mantenna and don't you forget it!