Top 10 Buttons Every TV Remote Needs

Top 10 Buttons Every TV Remote Needs
Posted August 30, 2011 | By DannyGallagher | Views: 3,462

Television may be a modern convenience, but that doesn't mean it's not a pain in the ass sometimes. These desperately needed remote buttons would be a big help to our TV watching.

The 10 Greatest Crank Calls in History

Posted August 24, 2011 | By DannyGallagher | Views: 4,870

It might technically be illegal or malicious, but some prank calls are so successful, so epic, so (dare I say) awe-inspiring that they deserve some kind of placement in a special “Hall of Fame” at the phone company.

The 10 Most Likable Movie Villains Who Wanted to Destroy the World

Posted August 19, 2011 | By DannyGallagher | Views: 23,784

By their very nature, the classic movie villain is designed to be a character so hated by the audience that their very presence makes the hero even more likable by default. However, some of the villains from the most classic films were endearing in their own way and worthy of some love of their own.

The Eight Upsides to an NFL Lockout

Posted July 25, 2011 | By DannyGallagher | Views: 5,407

The mere threat of an NFL lockout created a lot of worry in football fans across the nation but now it appears that a crisis has been averted. But the more you think about what a year without football would've been like, the more you realize that things might not have been as bad as they seemed.

The Eight Strangest Sounding Panels at Comic-Con

Posted July 19, 2011 | By DannyGallagher | Views: 1,641

With our extensive Comic-Con coverage beginning tomorrow and continuing through the weekend, now is a great time to get amped up about all that the event has to offer. Some of it is even stranger than you’d think.

Top Nine Fairy Tales That are Secretly Badass

Top Nine Fairy Tales That are Secretly Badass
Posted July 14, 2011 | By DannyGallagher | Views: 5,797

Anyone with kids knows the visceral pain of having to sit through another reading of a fairy tale. If you focus on the actual origins for some of the world’s most familiar bedtime stories, the kids might have to sleep on rubber sheets for a month, but at least the parents would be entertained.