The Top Eight Most Ridiculous Fanboy Freakouts

Posted March 5, 2010 | By G_Shakespeare | Views: 1,139

It's not easy enjoying pop culture. Some fans spend all their mental and spiritual energy on a particular movie, book, TV show, or comic. Of course most people don't care about minor or even major changes to things they like. But other people (real fans) freak out. Here are some of the most...

The Top 10 Video Game Levels from Hell

Posted March 4, 2010 | By bradiger | Views: 118


The Top 10 Video Game Levels from Hell

Posted March 4, 2010 | By Theta1138 | Views: 5,204

Video games thrive on challenge.  Whether it's having deadly aim, brutal ninja skills, or the ability to wave around a wand and look like a complete tool, games demand skills, precision, and accuracy.  Sometimes they also demand the patience and reflexes of a ninja on caffeine pills.

The Top 10 Athletes With the Most Illegitimate Children

Posted March 3, 2010 | By davidbreitman | Views: 134,439

Growing up, it seemed like the popular jocks and slutty tuba player with low self-esteem and a steady supply of butterscotch-flavored contraceptives always ditched health class during “Sexual Awareness Week.” Sure, the band geek didn’t miss anything that could help her stave off...

The 10 Most Downloaded iTunes Songs of All Time is a Very Scary List

Posted March 2, 2010 | By dsussman | Views: 803

In celebration of iTunes hitting their 10 billion download mark, AOL has put together a list of the 10 Most Downloaded iTunes Songs of All Time. Needless to say, it’s a very sad state of pop music affairs. Take a gander at the entire list after the jump.

The Top Eight "Replacement" Actors in Movie History

Posted March 1, 2010 | By TheJeffKelly | Views: 5,995

When we talk about our favorite movies, they typically vary from films with great writing, or those with lots of great action and special effects to the ones that feature our favorite actresses finally getting naked.  But what they almost all share, without exception, are great, iconic...

The Top 10 Sitcom Characters Who Suddenly Changed Faces

Posted February 26, 2010 | By Theta1138 | Views: 10,837

TV shows being what they are, it’s almost inevitable that sometimes, actors have to leave their roles.  But you can't just kill some characters.  No, you’ve got to keep them around.  So, just like everybody knows Darrin from Bewitched switched around, here are 10 TV...

The Top Seven Musicians That Need To Get Loaded

Posted February 24, 2010 | By dsussman | Views: 3,723

Since the '60s, artists like Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin mistakenly set into motion the notion that getting messed up on a regular basis can somehow make you more talented than your sober colleagues. At the very least, there are definitely a handful of lame musicians that might benefit...

The Seven Classic Monsters Who Should've Been the Hero

Posted February 22, 2010 | By G_Shakespeare | Views: 2,127

Everyone knows that the real monster in Frankenstein is not the hulking beast stitched together from the dead bodies of convicts. The real monster is the insane doctor who decides to test his theories on reanimation by creating an unstoppable killing machine with the brain of a killer. A closer...

The Top 10 Sexiest Female Athletes in the Winter Olympics

Posted February 18, 2010 | By davidbreitman | Views: 5,336

Thanks to a variety of sports with the mass appeal of a John Madden pilates workout video and NBC's continued dedication to tape delayed coverage, the 2010 Winter Olympics have become an afterthought in the minds of people who live in places both boring and cold enough to care about them. It's...