The Six Seatmates You Don't Want on an Airplane

Posted June 21, 2010 | By Theta1138 | Views: 1,647

Just ask anybody who's on a flight: people do all sorts of horrible things on airplanes.  They look at porn, they blow their noses in the blankets, and leave their chewing tobacco cups in the seat pockets. In short, people suck when it comes to flying.  But some people manage to make...

The Top 10 Wimpiest Leading Men

Posted June 18, 2010 | By dsussman | Views: 5,810

Being a leading man in Hollywood is no easy task. These elite few must be able to sweep any sexy co-star off their feet while also convincing audiences that they are the manliest of men. Most of these performers have always been chiseled-jawed Prom Kings, but every now and then, we get a leading...

The Top 10 Classic Cars That Need To Be Resurrected

Posted June 16, 2010 | By bradiger | Views: 4,005

With the recent revival of cars like the Dodge Challenger, the Mercedes SLS AMG Gullwing, and a host of other vehicles built off decades-old design concepts that still turn heads today, many automakers are reaching into the past to help design the cars of the future.  These are the cars we'd...

The Nine Everyday Jobs That Attract the Hottest Women

Posted June 9, 2010 | By davidbreitman | Views: 24,794

Loose hygiene requirements and vending food privileges are not the only important job perks to consider upon choosing a new vocation. Often, it’s quite poignant to consider advancement opportunities, pension plans, and tax implications. Or, simply just choose the job with the easiest access...

The Top 10 Most Inappropriate PG Movies

Posted June 8, 2010 | By | Views: 24,842

Thanks to the explicit violence and gore in the films Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom and Gremlins, parents went completely nuts on the Motion Picture Association of America's PG rating in 1984. After this drama, the MPAA immediately introduced the PG-13 rating and children under 13 were...

The 10 Games That Accidentally Let You Skip Ahead

Posted June 7, 2010 | By bradiger | Views: 135


The 10 Games That Accidentally Let You Skip Ahead

Posted June 7, 2010 | By Theta1138 | Views: 12,560

Although the "sandbox" game is becoming more and more popular as gamers realize it's really more fun to just run around doing whatever you want with a missile launcher than it is to follow what a game company calls fun, most games still have a linear order: complete this mission to get that...

The Top Seven Most Bizarre Man-Made Disasters

Posted June 4, 2010 | By bradiger | Views: 13,891

We live in an age where we have become utterly dependent on technology in our day-to-day lives, and that situation isn't without certain drawbacks. In light of recent events along the Gulf Coast, man-made disasters have been getting a lot more face time as of late. It turns out that these kinds...

The Top Nine Lamest Athlete Apologies

Posted June 3, 2010 | By DannyGallagher | Views: 1,501

No group of over-idolized heroes has let their flock down more than athletes. Their inordinately large salaries, superstar status, and Macy's Day Thanksgiving Parade balloon-sized egos have turned a lot of them into major league douchebags. Logic dictates that if so many of them have gotten into...

The Top 10 Tips For Internet Dating

Posted June 1, 2010 | By girls | Views: 1,679

Internet dating is no longer taboo and strictly for techno geeks and nerds. Now it's so common that it’s mainstream. If you’re not doing it, then there’s something wrong with you because these days it’s the way to meet that casual fling or very special someone. So jump...