The Top 10 Most Inappropriate PG Movies

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Thanks to the explicit violence and gore in the films Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom and Gremlins, parents went completely nuts on the Motion Picture Association of America's PG rating in 1984. After this drama, the MPAA immediately introduced the PG-13 rating and children under 13 were...

The 10 Games That Accidentally Let You Skip Ahead

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The 10 Games That Accidentally Let You Skip Ahead

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Although the "sandbox" game is becoming more and more popular as gamers realize it's really more fun to just run around doing whatever you want with a missile launcher than it is to follow what a game company calls fun, most games still have a linear order: complete this mission to get that...

The Top Seven Most Bizarre Man-Made Disasters

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We live in an age where we have become utterly dependent on technology in our day-to-day lives, and that situation isn't without certain drawbacks. In light of recent events along the Gulf Coast, man-made disasters have been getting a lot more face time as of late. It turns out that these kinds...

The Top Nine Lamest Athlete Apologies

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No group of over-idolized heroes has let their flock down more than athletes. Their inordinately large salaries, superstar status, and Macy's Day Thanksgiving Parade balloon-sized egos have turned a lot of them into major league douchebags. Logic dictates that if so many of them have gotten into...

The Top 10 Tips For Internet Dating

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Internet dating is no longer taboo and strictly for techno geeks and nerds. Now it's so common that it’s mainstream. If you’re not doing it, then there’s something wrong with you because these days it’s the way to meet that casual fling or very special someone. So jump...

The Top 10 Worst TV and Movie Friends

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In every movie and television show, the primary protagonist is going to need a little help overcoming that little hurdle we like to call the "plot." Whether he's fighting zombies or trying to score a date with the girl of his dreams, he's going to have obstacles in his way and he'll need all the...

The Top 10 Celebrities That Look Like Random Objects

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After many years of numerous publications taking aim at all things famous, making fun of celebrities has become really hard work these days. Thanks, Internetz! Although, sometimes you need to get a little creative, use your noodle, and just point out the obvious.

The Top Nine Sexiest Celebrity Sports Fans

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Not every sporting event is filled with chubby investment bankers using expensive seats as a means to get laid by aspiring actresses. Many arenas boast some incredibly attractive women who were able to purchase their own tickets with money they made by starring in mediocre romantic comedies. Here...

The 10 Biggest Letdowns in Video Game Endings

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