Piranha 3-D Teaser Trailer

Posted January 20, 2010 | By nathanbloch | Views: 200

There's a teaser trailer for Piranha 3-D, and this movie isn't messing around. You've got hot girls in bikinis, prehistoric piranhas, and a whole lot of death. Oh, and you've also got a ridiculously awesome cast that has no business being in a silly horror comedy, with stars like Christopher...

Mantenna - Monday, January 4

Posted January 4, 2010 | By spike.com | Views: 246

Tila Tequila is no longer pregnant, the next James Bond film gets put on hold, and Soundgarden is officially reuniting....the Mantenna is now living in the future!

Mantenna - Wednesday, November 4

Posted November 4, 2009 | By spike.com | Views: 128

Nicole Kidman opens up about her freaky sexual side, The Foo Fighters announce that they are taking a break, and an NBA player makes an odd political statement...it ain't easy being the Mantenna!

Mantenna - Wednesday, May 20

Posted May 20, 2009 | By spike.com | Views: 347

The voice of Mickey Mouse passes away, the 100 sexiest video game babes of all time, and why geeks are the best in bed...it's the Mantenna!

Bikini Poll of the Week: Kelly Brook

Posted September 12, 2008 | By girls | Views: 1,176

Kelly Brook is a total babe. The buxom British actress/model is best known for her amazing, earth shattering 36DD natural breasts. She is a darling of the British media and was recently voted the woman most British men wish to date. It is said that Kelly has two vices – dating bald men and...