Bikini Poll of the Week: Girls with Cocktails

Posted January 2, 2009 | By girls | Views: 625

Ladies love cocktails. They will drink them anywhere, wearing anything. Nothing compliments a stiff cocktail like a sexy bikini. So this winter invites some ladies over for your own bikini cocktail party. It’s the perfect winter event. So the tough question of the week - Which bikini girl...

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Bikini Poll of the Week: Girls in Wet Bikinis

Posted December 19, 2008 | By girls | Views: 3,035

Bikinis are made to get wet. No matter the size, shape, style or color, a bikini looks way better when water is added. So the tough question of the week - Which girl looks hottest in a wet bikini?

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Bikini Poll of the Week: Victoria Silvstedt

Posted December 5, 2008 | By girls | Views: 3,000

Victoria Silvstedt is one of the hottest women in the world. The Swedish-born supermodel represented Sweden in the Miss World contest, reaching the final 8. She is best known for her work with Playboy magazine and was selected as Playmate of the Year in 1997. So the tough question of the week -...

Bikini Poll of the Week: Brooke Hogan

Posted November 21, 2008 | By girls | Views: 1,682

Brooke Hogan is the daughter of Hulk Hogan, the star of her own reality show, and a wannabe pop star. She recently purchased some extra cleavage and she has spent the past summer showing it off.

Bikini Poll of the Week: Bond Girls

Posted November 16, 2008 | By girls | Views: 8,465

007 is back with guns blazing in Quantum of Solace. With every new Bond film there’s a new Bond girl (or several if we’re lucky).  Over the history of Bond, the silver screen has graced us with many beautiful women, none more beautiful than those who slip into a bikini and...

Bikini Poll of the Week: Paris Hilton

Posted November 7, 2008 | By girls | Views: 36,182

Paris Hilton is famous for being famous. She launched a leaked sex tape into a career. She is loved because she is hated and, for some reason, people still just can’t get enough of her. The life of a celebutante is pretty lax, and Paris certainly has a lot of time to spend in a bikini.

Bikini Poll of the Week: Jessica Biel

Posted October 31, 2008 | By girls | Views: 1,243

Jessica Biel has blossomed from playing a wholesome preacher’s daughter on 7th Heaven into an incredibly hot woman. This year she was voted FHM’s second sexiest woman in the world and last year she was Stuff Magazine's number one pick. The lady has a killer body and absolutely kills...

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