Bikini Poll of the Week: Kate Gosselin

Posted June 5, 2009 | By girls | Views: 3,985

Reality television star Kate Gosselin is famous for having eight children (a set of twins and sextuplets) and starring in the show Jon & Kate Plus 8 on TLC. The Gosselins became tabloid fodder when it was reported that husband Jon was having an affair. Now they are everywhere. This week Kate...

Bikini Poll of the Week: Cameron Diaz

Posted May 29, 2009 | By ncoles | Views: 655

Cameron Diaz spent her Memorial Day weekend sizzling in the sun. The There’s Something About Mary star spent her weekend lazing about under the hot Hawaiian sun, celebrating the beginning of summer. So the tough question of the week: Which bikini does Cameron Diaz look hottest in?

Bikini Poll of the Week: Hayden Panettiere

Posted May 22, 2009 | By girls | Views: 848

Heroes star Hayden Panettiere has spent the week attending the Cannes Film Festival and soaking up some rays in the French Riviera. The pint-sized hottie made headlines around the world this week after unveiling her new tattoo, which contains a spelling mistake. Whoops! So the tough question of...

Bikini Poll of the Week: Kate Moss

Posted May 15, 2009 | By girls | Views: 781

Kate Moss is one of the world's most famous and in demand models. The sexy British supermodel is renowned for her waifish figure, her unusually short height for a model, and her work for Dior, Burberry, and Roberto Cavalli. But Kate reportedly has a weakness for drugs, alcohol, and partying. She...

Bikini Poll of the Week: Kelly Ripa

Posted May 8, 2009 | By girls | Views: 2,989

Kelly Ripa has spent the past week in Miami Beach filming Live with Regis and Kelly. The 38-year-old mother of three has been making good use of the warmer weather, hitting the beach and pool in a series of sexy bikinis. So the tough question of the week: Which bikini does Kelly Ripa look hottest...

Bikini Poll of the Week: Denise Richards

Posted May 1, 2009 | By girls | Views: 760

Denise Richards lives a complicated life. The former wife of Charlie Sheen starred in one of the best Sapphic make-out scenes in cinematic history, but is also regarded as the worst Bond girl of all time. Denise Richards escapes the stresses of her crazy life by hitting the beach in a sexy...

Bikini Poll of the Week: Miranda Kerr

Posted April 24, 2009 | By girls | Views: 4,362

Victoria’s Secret Angel Miranda Kerr heralds from a small rural town in Australia and became a model after winning a magazine competition. The Aussie sex bomb has quickly become one of the world’s top models. As a model Miranda spends her life wearing sexy bikinis and traipsing around...

Bikini Poll of the Week: Shauna Sand

Posted April 17, 2009 | By girls | Views: 621

Shauna Sand loves to be photographed. The former Playmate and out-of-work actress keeps herself in the public spotlight by parading herself in front of paparazzi photographers wearing skimpy outfits. The 37-year-old divorced mother of three keeps herself looking youthful by constantly going under...

Bikini Poll of the Week: Marisa Miller

Posted April 10, 2009 | By girls | Views: 592

Marisa Miller is one of the world’s most in-demand models. She is best known for her appearances in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issues and for being a Victoria’s Secret Angel. She has been dubbed the “return of the great American supermodel” and has a body that was created...

Bikini Poll of the Week: Spring Break Edition

Posted March 20, 2009 | By girls | Views: 920

The best thing about spring break is all the debauchery that occurs. A week of pure, unadulterated fun that's filled with bikinis, bikini parades, and wet t-shirt competitions, this is one week where girls literally go wild. So the tough question of the week: which spring break bikini girl is the...