Katy Perry Nude?

Posted January 16, 2009 | By girls | Views: 4,549

A possible naked picture of “I Kissed a Girl” singer, Katy Perry, has been leaked online. The picture allegedly shows the newly single pop star taking a nude photograph of herself in the mirror.  It has not been confirmed whether the picture is actually Katy Perry, though it does...

The Music Outlet

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Katy Perry Is Single! (StarPulse)

Mantenna - Tuesday, December 16

Posted December 16, 2008 | By spike.com | Views: 109

New posters for the G.I. Joe movie have popped up online, learn when women would be prepared to give up sex, and the 20 hottest photos of cheerleaders dressed up like Santa Claus...it's the Mantenna!

The Music Outlet

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Katy Perry Is Engaged : ( (ABC)

The Music Outlet

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Katy Perry Apologizes For Dissing Lily Allen (StarPulse)

Rick Astley Wins Best Act Ever!

Posted November 7, 2008 | By dsussman | Views: 238

Not sure how this happened, but 42-year-old pop star Rick Astley took home the award for “Best Act Ever” at the MTV Europe Music Awards last evening at Liverpool's Echo Arena. Rick received 100 million fan votes to take the title ahead of international stars such as U2, Britney Spears...

The Top 10 Fake Lesbians a.k.a. Fauxmosexuals

Posted October 20, 2008 | By ncoles | Views: 13,422

Girl on girl action is pretty common these days. Generally during College a lot of girls experiment and get a little crazy with each other. These days the trend has gone mainstream and hot girls in the public eye are getting it on and even having very public lesbian relationships. But are these...

Katy Perry's New Single Released in 'Sims 2 Apartment Life'

Posted September 25, 2008 | By Reverend_Danger | Views: 334

Katy Perry has said and done some things that will make Sim fanboys worldwide squirm in their chairs and squeal with delight.  Hit the jump to see what emerged from her painted lips regarding her new video which she recorded in the made-up language of the game, Simlish.

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Rosanne Cash Would Not Like John McCain (Spinner)