Rivers Cuomo to Ruin Career By Working with Katy Perry

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Weezer mastermind Rivers Cuomo is apparently trying to destroy his career by announcing that he will be collaborating with Ms. Katy Perry on a few new tunes. Puking in your mouth just a little bit would be the proper reaction to this unbelievable musical pairing.In a recent interview with...

Mantenna - Tuesday, October 6

Posted October 6, 2009 | By spike.com | Views: 45

Katy Perry gets it on with her new man friend, Rush Limbaugh tries to get involved in professional sports, and everyone's favorite campy Vegas movie is getting a sequel...it's one small step for man, and one giant leap for the Mantenna.

The Top 10 Hot Chicks with Ugly Dudes

Posted September 29, 2009 | By girls | Views: 26,628

The laws of attraction usually mean that beautiful people date the beautiful, the regular folks end up with each other, and the ugly die alone. If you’re a hot celebrity, then the world’s your oyster when it comes to nabbing an attractive mate. Not so with these famous ladies. If love...

Bikini Poll of the Week: Katy Perry

Posted August 28, 2009 | By girls | Views: 593

Katy Perry burst onto the scene with her hit debut single "I Kissed a Girl" and hasn't looked back. The 24-year-old daughter of two pastors likes to rock out, dress in kooky clothes, and hit the beach. So the tough question of the week: Which bikini does Katy Perry look hottest in?

The Music Outlet

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Mantenna - Monday, August 17

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Katy Perry shares the secret behind her magnificent mammaries, Matt Damon goes on the record about the delayed Bourne sequel, and Radiohead leaks a new track online...if you're goin' in, then the Mantenna's got your back!

The Music Outlet

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The Music Outlet

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The Music Outlet

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The Music Outlet

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