Oliver Peck's Toothpick - All You Need To Know

Posted August 22, 2016 | Views: 610

Why have we never seen Oliver without his trusty toothpick? Does he sleep with it? Kiss his girlfriend with it? At last, we have answers.

Meet The New Artist: Sketchy Lawyer

Posted Yesterday | Views: 455

Like his bold art, Sketchy Lawyer is willing to call out others if they their personalities clash.

Meet The New Artist: Mike McAskill

Posted Yesterday | Views: 158

Mike McAskill's number one fan has always been his mother; now he's hoping to get the attention from the judges to prove his status as "Ink Master".

Meet The New Artist: Geary Morrill

Posted Yesterday | Views: 503

Geary Morrill's positive attitude has served him well throughout his life and he hopes that it'll bring a fresh look for the judges.

Meet The New Artist: Nate Beavers

Posted Yesterday | Views: 139

Veteran tattoo artist Nate Beavers used art to beat his personal demons and now is here to prove his skill against the competition.

Meet The New Artist: Kelly Doty

Posted Yesterday | Views: 295

Fascinated by her grandfather’s tattoos, Kelly got into tattooing shortly after with his support. Since then she’s developed a knack for inking spooky illustrative tattoos.

Meet The New Artist: Gia Rose

Posted Yesterday | Views: 386

The Philadelphia native excels in neo traditional tattooing and is ready to show everyone what she’s made of as an artist.

Meet The New Artist: Dave Robinowitz

Posted Yesterday | Views: 418

Eleven years of experience has taught artist Dave Robinowitz to listen to what people want - and provide excellent works of art.

Meet The New Artist: John Collins

Posted Yesterday | Views: 308

Atlantan John Collins is going to showcase his main tattoo strengths but admits he's got a few tricks up his sleeve to stun the judges.

Meet The New Artist: Anwon “Boneface” Johnson

Posted Yesterday | Views: 1,664

Anwon “Boneface” Johnson started tattooing with a homemade machine but worked his way up through the ranks and has come to prove that he indeed an "Ink Master."