LA Brewing Co. Losing $15,000 A Month

Posted March 22, 2015 | Views: 2,759

When Richard Ramos invested $250,000 of his family's money into a new and promising Los Angeles bar, he hoped for the best. Unfortunately, he failed to prepare for the worst.

Coaches Smash Their Troubling Memories, Literally

Posted March 22, 2015 | Views: 5,307

The source of angry behavior is often a traumatic past. Dr. Conte and Ray Lewis give these coaches a forum to destroy the sources of their pain, in a most literal sense.

Ray Lewis Gives Coach Tyson A Reality Check

Posted March 20, 2015 | Views: 14,438

Tyson has far and away been the most reluctant to share his feelings during therapy. During this session, with his wife by his side, Tyson starts to see the error in his ways.

Maria Menounos Helps Jon Taffer With Recon

Posted March 19, 2015 | Views: 11,996

LA local Maria Menounos helps Taffer inspect this failing bar. While they're checking out the kitchen, another recon team is being served raw, inedible food.

Abbi Jacobson And Ilana Glazer Go Toe-To-Toe

Posted March 19, 2015 | Views: 18,203

As Broad City star Abbi Jacobson struts her stuff while doing the Humpty Dance, her co-star Ilana Glazer is thankful for men in an 80s classic.

Common Lip Syncs "I Want You Back"

Posted 0 minutes ago | Views: 888

Oscar winner Common trades hip hop for harmonies with an award-winning performance of “I Want You Back.”

John Legend Raps "Slow Motion"

Posted 0 minutes ago | Views: 806

Piano prodigy and Oscar superstar John Legend gets down and dirty with Juvenile’s “Slow Motion.”

Kash’s Son Speaks Out

Posted March 15, 2015 | Views: 42,282

The coach’s son, now a coach himself, illuminates the group as to what it was like growing up in a house with an “old school” father.

‘How Close Are You To A Divorce?’

Posted March 15, 2015 | Views: 17,667

Colby and his wife sit down with Ray Lews & Dr. Conte. It becomes clear that Colby’s outlook has seriously jeopardized their marriage.

Janeshia Has A Twin Sister?!

Posted March 15, 2015 | Views: 31,170

Janeshia has hidden the fact that she has a twin sister. Dr. Conte believes this has implications on her angry ways. The four of them sit and discuss their relationship.