Foundations: Ilima Macfarlane

Posted April 17, 2017 | Views: 627

Ilima-Lei is the complete package and embodies the modern MMA fighter. Jimmy Smith breaks it down.

5 Rounds w/ AJ McKee

Posted April 17, 2017 | Views: 282

"She's Beyonce man, she's Beyonce." Find out more about featherweight fighter AJ McKee. We're sure Jay-Z will be curious.

Foundations | Saad Awad

Posted April 17, 2017 | Views: 417

Jimmy Smith breaks down what makes Saad Awad a great fighter! Don't miss his upcoming fight against Ryan Quinn at #Bellator178!

LSB Preshow: Ricky Martin vs. Kate Upton

Posted April 16, 2017 | Views: 6,375

The Lip Sync Battle Preshow is back! Elliott Morgan interviews Kate Upton and asks her about Ricky Martin's cameo in "Idle Hands" (seriously). Lee Newton acts as your guide to what does and doesn’t bang. Someone’s living under our stage – but who?! And much, much more.

Mommy's Tears

Aired: April 15, 2017 | Available until: 05/6/2017 | Views: 3,767

A wanted man complains to deputies about chest pain after he injures a fellow driver. An angry woman calls the cops over a spicy bag of chips. A violent man finally learns where his girlfriend draws the line.

Bellator 177 Highlights

Posted April 14, 2017 | Views: 53

Bellator returns to Hungary with a Bantamweight World Title fight pitting Eduardo “Dudu” Dantas against Leandro Higo from the Budapest Sports Arena.

You Should Be Their Hero

Posted April 14, 2017 | Views: 578

A man accepts his faults after domestic confrontation.

The Mist - Fear Trailer

Posted April 12, 2017 | Views: 43,237

Fear. Human. Nature. "The Mist," from a story by Stephen King, premieres Thursday, June 22nd on Spike. Subscribe for more of “The Mist”

Best of John Teixeira

Posted April 11, 2017 | Views: 244

Relive some of Featherweight fighter John Teixeira's best moments in the Bellator cage as he prepares to fight at #Bellator177

Best of Daniel Weichel

Posted April 11, 2017 | Views: 155

Daniel Weichel is one of the best featherweights in the stacked division, and is back to fight John Teixeira at #Bellator177!