The Pelaez Family Hits Their Magic Number!

Posted April 17, 2016 | Views: 183

With the rejuvenation of Guayabitas Eatery and Gina’s new employment, the Pelaez family managed to increase their revenue and decrease costs. This is music to Victor Antonio’s ears.

A Terrible Tragedy In Florida

Posted April 17, 2016 | Views: 230

Victor Antonio returns to Miami to find that the Pelaez family has fallen victim to a house fire. Everybody is OK, but they have lost all of their possessions.

Chef Loses His Mind Over Bad Gravy

Posted April 17, 2016 | Views: 12,130

Chef Sal goes completely ballistic after losing a cooking competition to Chef Pink.

The Most Ridiculous Uniforms On Bar Rescue

Posted April 17, 2016 | Views: 473

Taffer conducts a fashion show with the five most craziest staff uniforms we’ve seen to date.

Chef Kevin Is Still Angry About Being Fired

Posted April 17, 2016 | Views: 5,523

Jon Taffer speaks with Kevin, who was terminated on Bar Rescue for serving bacteria-ridden food.

Why Did The State Suspend Your Liquor License?

Posted April 17, 2016 | Views: 260

Jon Taffer discusses the zoning issue that led to the revocation of MT Bottle’s liquor license.

Checking In On MT Bottles & Cans

Posted April 17, 2016 | Views: 4,240

Lisamarie Joyce goes back to Middle Tennessee to check on what used to be the MT Bottle. Is that disgusting natural spring still around?

Jeep Jacker

Posted April 16, 2016 | Views: 639

Suspected auto theft turns into a foot race.

NeNe Leakes Deserves R-E-S-P-E-C-T

Posted April 14, 2016 | Views: 4,836

In true Diva fashion, NeNe Leakes performs Aretha Franklin's 1967 smash hit in Round One against Todd Chrisley.

Todd Chrisley Performs 'Blurred Lines'

Posted April 14, 2016 | Views: 4,961

Can Robin Thicke, Pharrell, & T.I. help Todd Chrisley battle NeNe Leakes? We'll find out...