Episode 7 Sneak Peek

Posted November 14, 2017 | Views: 492

Mareth discoves a way to save Allanon by slipping into a dreamstate and reviving him.

Foundations | Noad Lahat | #Bellator188

Posted November 13, 2017 | Views: 140

Get to know featherweight fighter Noad Lahat before he represents Israel in the main event of #Bellator188 !

What to Watch | Pitbull vs. Weichel 2 | #Bellator188

Posted November 9, 2017 | Views: 779

After their epic first meeting, Pitbull & Weichel are back to settle it, with the winner being the undisputed Featherweight Champion!

Demonic Power

Posted November 9, 2017 | Views: 104

Eretria discovers her dark origins and the power that manifests within herself.

A Deal With the Devil

Posted November 9, 2017 | Views: 87

Queen Tamlin admits to her pact with the Warlock Lord to spare her land.

Shattered Shannara

Posted November 9, 2017 | Views: 284

Wil duels Bandon with unexpected results.


Posted November 9, 2017 | Views: 751

Eretria explores her newfound power over the dark.


Posted November 9, 2017 | Views: 807

Wil and Mareth search for the Warlock Lord's skull which Allanon has hidden.

The Shannara Chronicles "Paranor" Episode Recap

Posted November 9, 2017 | Views: 513

Bandon bargains for the skull of the Warlock Lord. Eretria learns of her dark past. Wil and Mareth are cast into the past.

Top 5 Moments of Intimidation

Posted November 8, 2017 | Views: 587

Elliott Morgan and Lee Newton recount the most fear-inducing moves throughout LSB history. Anne Hathaway, Taraji. P Henson, Sir Ben Kingsley and more brought their A-game.