Kash Faces His Bigoted Past

Posted March 8, 2015 | Views: 249

Kash is forced to answer for reprehensible behavior towards his own brother, and the psychological trauma that resulted.

Summer’s Troubling Relationship History

Posted March 8, 2015 | Views: 135

During individual therapy, Summer shares some hurtful stories from her past. It’s entirely possible that she’s projecting some that negativity towards her husband and family.

The Hot Rock: Miami Nightlife Done Right

Posted March 8, 2015 | Views: 4,464

Jon Taffer completely reinvents this south Florida watering hole. Sandbar goes from a dirty college bar to a beautiful and modern hot spot with a fresh concept.

Albert: The Bumbling Bartender

Posted March 8, 2015 | Views: 26,147

During the stress test at Sandbar, owner Albert is so deficient at making cocktails that Taffer replaces him with Donnie, a server and junior member of the staff.

Lights Out: Berto vs. Lopez

Aired: March 6, 2015 | Views: 7,974

Before they face off on March 13th, look inside the training camps that prepared them for battle. Lights Out follows Andre Berto & Josesito Lopez as they get ready for their welterweight clash. Plus get a glimpse into the camps of rising star Shawn Porter and rugged contender Roberto Garcia.

Miami College Bar Is Failing

Posted March 6, 2015 | Views: 12,036

Shortly after Albert Borrero purchased this Miami U hot spot in 2007, he was swimming in cash. After the local government changed legislation however, he lost his clientele and his profits.

‘He’s Into Fantasy Football, Not His Bar’

Posted March 6, 2015 | Views: 10,515

Albert, the aloof owner of Sandbar, spends more time tinkering with fantasy football that with the business of his bar. Meanwhile, Taffer’s spies order plate after plate of inedible food.

Glory 20 - Gabriel Varga - Ready To Go

Posted March 6, 2015 | Views: 161

Canadian Gabriel Varga is heading to Dubai with the GLORY Featherweight World Title in his sights. Varga takes on #1 ranked featherweight Mosab Amrani. Watch Varga vs. Amrani at GLORY 20 Dubai - April 3 on Spike.

Coaches Vote To Decide Tyson's Fate

Posted March 5, 2015 | Views: 8,949

Coach Tyson's embroiled past has cast doubt over his future in the house. The coaches decide whether or not he's fit to stay.

NFL Coach Chuck Pagano Schools Bad Coaches

Posted March 5, 2015 | Views: 7,569

Ray Lewis & Dr. Conte are joined by Coach Pagano in his natural element, the football field. He teaches the coaches how they settle disagreements in the NFL: man vs. man.