Glory 15 Preview: Danyo Ilunga Pre-Fight Interview

Posted April 3, 2014 | Views: 138

Now a proud German, Danyo Ilunga still has the heart of an African warrior.

Glory 15 Preview: Gokhan Saki Pre-Fight Interview

Posted April 3, 2014 | Views: 224

Gokhan Saki will be fighting at Light Heavyweight for the first time in over 11 years. He discusses the difficulties of cutting weight the right way. He also talks about the big life change of moving from Holland to Dubai.

Four’s Company

Aired: April 3, 2014 | Available until: 07/18/2014 | Views: 13,446

Magnus takes on three challengers for the World Heavyweight Title, and Bully Ray finds an unlikely partner for a tag team tables match.

Spike TV's 'Hungry Investors' Set To Premiere May 4

Posted April 2, 2014 | By Spike Staff | Views: 5,592

New original series features “Bar Rescue” star Jon Taffer, along with expert chefs John Besh and Tiffany Derry.

Hungry Investors Hits Spike On May 11

Posted April 2, 2014 | Views: 1,974

Each week, two competing restaurants must prove which is worthy of a much-needed investment from industry icons Jon Taffer, John Besh, and Tiffany Derry. Which "diamond in the rough" restaurant will be saved by the industry icons?

Erasing A Troubled Past

Posted April 1, 2014 | Views: 1,351

Tommy covers up Frank's tattoo, which is a constant reminder of the vicious crime that was done to him. Frank can now have a fresh start.

A Robotic Cover-Up

Posted April 1, 2014 | Views: 1,947

Jasmine covers Justin's awful homemade tattoo with a brand new robot tattoo. He can't wait to go home and show his wife.

Flash Challenge Preview: Lettering: Part I

Posted April 1, 2014 | Views: 15,940

Tested on their adaptability, this week the artists have to ink their canvases with a word that represents how they get the most out of life. Halo sets out to prove both Scott and Matti wrong.

Elimination Tattoo: Neo Traditional: Part III

Posted April 1, 2014 | Views: 9,699

With time running out and King Ruck and Keith’s canvas losing consciousness, the boys are worried they’ll both be going home this round.

Elimination Tattoo: Neo Traditional: Part I

Posted April 1, 2014 | Views: 9,104

Tested on contrast, the artists are split into teams of two and must tattoo the same human canvas at the same time, having to do neo traditional tattoos.