The Backyard Water Slide To End Them All

Posted Yesterday | Views: 31

Allen & Ton are back in the mix, this time finding an object that every grown up kid dreams about. Don't miss the season premiere of Auction Hunters April 11th at 9/8c.

John Krasinski Plays Dress Up for 'Proud Mary'

Posted Yesterday | Views: 3,443

Krasinski breaks out the sparkles for Tina Turner's 'Proud Mary' but Kendrick's got a secret weapon in the form of a celebrity friend for J-Lo and Pitbull's 'Booty.'

Julianne Hough Sings About Her 'Sex' Life

Posted Yesterday | Views: 793

Julianne gives us a little TMI with Akon and The Lonely Island's 'I Just Had Sex' and Derek dons a white wig for Sia's 'Chandelier' as the siblings rival for victory.

AP Delivers A Heartfelt Apology

Posted March 29, 2015 | Views: 9,897

In the climactic moment of AP's therapy, he apologizes to his sister for poorly coaching her son.

Colby Reconciles With His Son

Posted March 29, 2015 | Views: 7,648

Colby sits down and apologizes to the son that he has admitted to bullying. This is the final stage of his treatment.

Tyson Sees The Error Of His Ways

Posted March 29, 2015 | Views: 22

In the final chapter of Coach Tyson’s treatment, he sits down and has a sincere conversation with his family.

Kash Makes Amends With His Brother

Posted March 29, 2015 | Views: 53

Coach Kash takes the next step towards recovery and overcoming his closed-minded ways.

The Home Stretch

Aired: March 29, 2015 | Available until: 04/5/2015 | Views: 2,791

Before the coaches go home, they must face their hardest challenge yet. AP tries to train his nephew again while Kash attempts to mend his relationship with his brother. Tyson and Colby will face the sons they've disappointed.

Patriot House: An American Gastropub

Posted March 29, 2015 | Views: 12,544

Jon Taffer calls upon the founding fathers to reinvent this San Francisco bar.

No Systems, No Success

Posted March 29, 2015 | Views: 10,090

Jon Taffer gives these four sisters a dose of reality. The fact of the matter is that they aren't suited to run this bar.