Ender's Game (2013)
The Incredible Hulk (2008): Incredible Hulk, The (2008)
The Dark Knight (2008): Dark Knight, The (2008)
Watchmen (2009)


In Their Shoes

Life Or Debt

In Their Shoes

A postal worker from the streets of Chicago and his shopaholic wife call in former CEO Victor Antonio to save their money and their kids from danger.
Aired: 05/1/2016
Views: 884
Demolition Man

Bar Rescue

Demolition Man

The city threatens to shut down a bar after the owner unsafely renovates without a permit. Can Taffer school the clueless rookie owner and bring the construction disaster up to code before the city...
Aired: 05/1/2016   |   Available until: 06/12/2016
Views: 3,003
April 30, 2016
Sidewalk Licker


Sidewalk Licker

Two very different troublemakers get caught up in a prostitution sting. A cop quickly finds his hands full when he questions a cagey lady. An argument in a parking lot draws the attention of a...
Aired: 04/30/2016   |   Available until: 05/28/2016
Views: 432
April 28, 2016
Joel McHale Vs. Jim Rash

Lip Sync Battle

Joel McHale Vs. Jim Rash

It's a "Community" reunion as these two former castmates battle in the LSB arena.
Aired: 04/28/2016
Views: 2,942
April 26, 2016
You Get What You Pay For

Ink Master: Redemption

You Get What You Pay For

Things get rough when Gentle Jay comes back to the Ink Master shop to face not one but three unhappy canvases.
Aired: 04/26/2016
Views: 4,002