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Wild Hogs (2007)
Happy Gilmore (1996): Happy Gilmore
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Xtreme 4x4: S10 Truggy Finale/Payoff - Episode 107

Aired: 07/4/2009 | Views: 7,236 | Comment

After 18 months, our $750 S10 cab has been morphed into a one-of-a-kind Toxic Truggy. Steering Rockwell axles front & rear, 502 Ram Jet and much more. Now see if all the sweat and busted knuckles were worth it in a full-throttle... (17:55)

PowerBlock Episodes

Xtreme 4x4: Driveway Rescue Part V - Episode 194

We’ve taken the show on the road, heading to your house to help on your projects in our Driveway Rescue van. We’ll help a viewer install a power steering upgrade on his FJ40. Plus: updates on our earlier Driveway Rescues.

Aired: 10/26/2013

Xtreme 4x4: Hot Rod Jeep Part II - Episode 193

Ridiculously tall gear shifters… just a couple of gauges… and miles of power and style! Hot rods are cool, and we’re building an off-road version, using a junkyard JK. This week we’ll drop the body back onto the frame and tackle the interior and the roll cage.

Aired: 10/19/2013

Xtreme 4x4: Short Course RC Cars / Dirt Riot Moab - Episode 191

You want the excitement of short course racing, but don’t have the money for a race team? There may be a short course RC car in your future! We’ve got the upgrades to get the most bang for your buck. Plus: Full-scale Dirt Riot action in Moab!

Aired: 10/5/2013

Xtreme 4x4: Hot Rod Jeep Part I - Episode 190

The paint is worn, and there’s a thin layer of surface rust on the body. It was totaled in a wreck. But there’s a HEMI inside our salvage yard 2007 Jeep Wrangler, and that’s what we need to create an over-the-top trail rig!

Aired: 09/28/2013

Xtreme 4x4: Two-Car Garage Crawler Part VII / Driveway Rescue IV - Episode 189

If you plan to conquer steep hills, you need the right rig! Our Two-Car Garage Crawler gets twin-stick shifters, dual braking, and more! Plus: complete recovery gear for one viewer on this week’s “Driveway Rescue”.

Aired: 09/21/2013

Xtreme 4x4: The Xtreme 4x4 Mail Bag - Episode 188

You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers! We scour through our viewer emails and give you info to keep your project on track. Including: fuel cell security, selecting the right tire for your axle, wiring a fan, and more!

Aired: 09/14/2013

Xtreme 4x4: Project: MF JK Part II - Episode 187

Now that our JK’s got the parts to perform, we’ll give it rugged good looks: a sleek, gunmetal finish, suspension seats, stainless steel roof rack, and a hard-hitting sound system. Then we’ll see if our ride is ready for the coming zombie apocalypse!

Aired: 07/20/2013

Xtreme 4x4: Project: MF JK Part I - Episode 186

With a plethora of aftermarket upgrades available, the Jeep JK has tons of hardcore off-road potential! We upgrade ours with capable body protection, a set of heavy duty axle assemblies, and flow-through Magnaflow exhaust!

Aired: 07/13/2013

Xtreme 4x4: Two-Car Garage Crawler Part VI / Driveway Rescue Project 3 - Episode 185

Final assembly of our buggy-in-a-box begins with gears and lockers, high-steer knuckles, and all the essential off-road accessories. Plus: we drop by a viewer’s house to help out on his project, on Driveway Rescue.

Aired: 07/6/2013

Xtreme 4x4: Trekking Tacoma Part III - Episode 184

Our expedition-ready Tacoma receives an air compressor, heated shower, and more….but what can this rig can handle on the trail? With the IFS replaced by a solid axle, and all the amenities you could want, our Tacoma is ready for the long haul!

Aired: 06/29/2013

Xtreme 4x4: Two-Car Garage Crawler Part V / Streetwerkz Powder Coating - Episode 183

We ready our rig’s drivetrain for hardcore wheeling, including an upgraded Turbo 400 transmission, and an NP205 transfer case with enhanced low-range capability for steep hills. Plus: a look at the latest in powdercoating technology!

Aired: 03/9/2013

Xtreme 4x4: Two-Car Garage Crawler Part IV / Driveway Rescue Project 2 - Episode 182

It’s down to the details on our “buggy in a box” build! 42” tires, air struts, and full hydraulic steering bring our crawler closer to the trail. Plus: what’s the perfect wedding gift for a wheelin’ husband? Find out, on this week’s Driveway Rescue.

Aired: 03/2/2013

Xtreme 4x4: Trekking Tacoma Part II / Easter Jeep Safari - Episode 181

We outfit our Toyota for adventure, with solar battery panels, a rooftop tent, serious body protection…all the items that make an expedition vehicle, an expedition vehicle! Plus: a trip to Moab, for the Easter Jeep Safari.

Aired: 02/23/2013

Xtreme 4x4: Two-Car Garage Crawler Part III / Southeast Tough Truck Challenge - Episode 180

Our budget-friendly, ready-made rock crawler project continues, with a 5.3L salvage yard engine and link suspension. Plus: start-to-finish coverage from the SETTC, one of the most demanding hill climb events around!

Aired: 02/16/2013

Xtreme 4x4: Trekking Tacoma Part I - Episode 179

We’re rebuilding our Toyota Tacoma from the ground up, making it a 100% self-contained expedition vehicle. The foundation: a comprehensive suspension upgrade, including a solid front axle, heavy duty leaf springs, and all-terrain tires.

Aired: 02/9/2013

Xtreme 4x4: Diesel Buggy Part IV / Driveway Rescue Project 1 - Episode 178

After the engine in our diesel rig pulled almost 1,000 HP on the dyno, we realized we had too much truck for the trail! So we’re turning it into a hardcore mud buggy! And, we’ll help a viewer upgrade his driveline in our first “Driveway Rescue”!

Aired: 01/26/2013