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Whip It Good - Episode 408

Aired: 03/16/2013 | Views: 26,370 | Comment

Ton and Allen face off against vengeful former employee Carolyn in Commerce, CA, for a motocross bike and a rare stock whip.

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Auction Hunters Episodes

To Pawn or Not To Pawn - Episode 426

Ton and Allen spar with Carolyn at an auction in Covina, CA, and land a special effects unit. Meanwhile, big changes are afoot at the shop.

Aired: 04/5/2014

Gone In 20 Seconds - Episode 425

Ton and Allen score a Geiger counter and some NASCAR wrenches at an auction in Commerce, CA, but news from their accountant throws them for a loop.

Aired: 04/5/2014

Big Sis Ducks Out - Episode 424

Ton and Allen battle Carolyn for a Long Beach carnival-themed unit. At auction, the duo nabs a Native American tomahawk, and a rare triple-barreled gun. Big Sis has big news.

Aired: 03/29/2014

Cashville, Tennessee - Episode 423

Ton and Allen rumble with a band of tough, high-bidding bikers in Nashville, TN. Their grit is rewarded when they land a 37 millimeter anti-tank gun and a cowboy’s rodeo saddle.

Aired: 03/29/2014

Hall Of Fame Game - Episode 422

Allen and Elle try their luck in Hawthorne, CA. At the auction, Allen finds a Ouija board and some antique basketballs, and challenges NBA legend Rick Barry to some hoops.

Aired: 03/22/2014

Nothing But Net - Episode 421

Ton and Allen face tough competition from two former rivals who have joined forces, but manage a big haul when Santa Clarita nets them an off-road motorcycle and some net guns.

Aired: 03/15/2014

Allen's Big Crush - Episode 420

The guys battle with former-employee Carolyn, and a shill bidder sours their day. When all seems lost, a set of monster truck tires and a mystery box turn Allen and Ton's luck around.

Aired: 02/28/2014

You Foos You Lose - Episode 419

Ton and Allen are dealt a setback when their beloved truck stalls, but West L.A. finds of a foosball table, Tommy Gun drums and Twinkies sweeten the day.

Aired: 02/22/2014

Ton Voyage - Episode 418

Ton and Allen battle a ruthless store owner at the Santa Barbara auction, but win big with an antique air gun and a vintage wooden speedboat.

Aired: 02/15/2014

Without a Chute - Episode 417

After a hard day of bidding, Ton faces a tough negotiation with their landlord. Meanwhile, Allen puts an experimental powered parachute to the test to save the day’s profits.

Aired: 02/8/2014

You Got Served - Episode 416

Ton and Allen change up their game plan and score antique racquets and a special effects box at a yard sale. Meanwhile, shop employees throw an appraisal event.

Aired: 02/1/2014

Allen vs. Ton - Episode 415

Ton and Allen face off at auction, but a common enemy and the discovery of pro go-karts might be just the thing to get the band back together and put them in the black.

Aired: 01/25/2014

Separation Anxiety - Episode 414

Allen takes Elle to her first auction, and the pair scores century old motorcycle parts. Back at the shop, Allen struggles to run the business without Ton.

Aired: 01/18/2014

The Fall Guys - Episode 413

Tempers flare between Ton and Allen at auction and despite the discovery of a stuntman’s fall bag, the partnership becomes jeopardized.

Aired: 04/13/2013

Don't Taze Me Bro - Episode 412

The guys tussle with some tough ladies in Stanton, but extract treasure from a “trash unit,” landing a taser gun that Allen tests on Ton. Meanwhile, the shop hosts a sidewalk sale.

Aired: 04/13/2013

Carolyn Goes Topless - Episode 411

A friendly competition with former employee Carolyn turns into a vicious battle for a 1968 Corvette Stingray. Allen tests his ninja skills with an antique sickle weapon.

Aired: 04/6/2013

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