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Baby Don't Go - Episode 308

Aired: 09/3/2013 | Available Until: 09/30/2014 | Views: 107,195 | Comment

Things get personal when the artists must tattoo each other in the Jägermeister Flash Challenge. NFL linebacker NaVorro Bowman helps judge the artist's pinup Elimination Tattoo. (41:31)

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Ink Master Episodes

The Epic Finale - Episode 313

Artists and judges reflect on the season; America’s vote brings two artists back for a live tattoo face-off, and a final 35-hour tattoo wins one artist the title of “Ink Master.”

Aired: 10/1/2013 Available until: 09/30/2014

Enduring The Pain - Episode 312

The last four artists face an uphill battle, a simultaneous tattoo challenge, and a long night while making their case for the title of “Ink Master.”

Aired: 10/1/2013 Available until: 09/30/2014

Heroes & Heads - Episode 311

The artists honor veterans by engraving dog tags on the deck of the Intrepid aircraft carrier. Guest judge Twig Sparks helps assess detail work in the artist’s Elimination Tattoos.

Aired: 09/24/2013 Available until: 09/30/2014

Eyes Of The Beholder - Episode 310

An accuracy challenge in Coney Island finds the artists getting squeamish as they tattoo eyelids. Tattoo veteran Corey Miller judges artist’s portraits in the elimination test.

Aired: 09/17/2013 Available until: 09/30/2014

Skulls And Villains - Episode 309

A Flash Challenge gets creepy when the artists etch designs into human skulls. Marvel Comics artist Greg Capullo judges the artist’s comics-themed Elimination Tattoos.

Aired: 09/10/2013 Available until: 09/30/2014

Baby Don't Go - Episode 308

Things get personal when the artists must tattoo each other in the Jägermeister Flash Challenge. NFL linebacker NaVorro Bowman helps judge the artist's pinup Elimination Tattoo.

Aired: 09/3/2013 Available until: 09/30/2014

Monumental Mistakes - Episode 307

Artists get a thrill when they design tattoos for Dave Navarro in the Flash Challenge. Color realism expert Nikko Hurtado judges artist’s Elimination Tattoos.

Aired: 08/27/2013 Available until: 09/30/2014

Animal Instinct - Episode 306

Hot models and jungle animals make for a wild Flash Challenge. Special guest judge Troy Denning critiques artist’s Asian-style tattoos in the elimination challenge.

Aired: 08/20/2013 Available until: 09/30/2014

Baby Beat-Down - Episode 305

The artists tackle tattooing over scarred skin in the Flash Challenge; a Day of the Dead Elimination Tattoo leaves everyone feeling spooked. Special guest judge: Chuey Quintanar.

Aired: 08/13/2013 Available until: 09/30/2014

Elysium Challenge - Episode 304

When the artists must assemble their machines from scratch, canvases end up with totally crooked bar code tattoos. Tattoo machine builder Seth Ciferri serves as guest judge.

Aired: 08/6/2013 Available until: 09/30/2014

Tattoos And Lace - Episode 303

Lingerie-clad ladies are canvasses for a flash elimination challenge; a difficult human canvas leads to a shocking second elimination. Tattoo veteran Tony Hundahl is a guest judge.

Aired: 07/30/2013 Available until: 09/30/2014

Thrills For Grills - Episode 302

Artists ink canvases with realistic tattoos of blood, guts, and organs. A betrayal leads to an explosive fight in the loft. Titans running back Chris Johnson serves as guest judge.

Aired: 07/23/2013 Available until: 09/30/2014

Baby Got Back - Episode 301

The artists are welcomed to prison, where they ink inmates prison-style in their first Flash Challenge. Elimination Tattoos up the ante as artists must perform cover-ups.

Aired: 07/16/2013 Available until: 09/30/2014

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