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Fooled By The Floyds - Episode 102

Aired: 03/30/2014 | Views: 18,639 | Comment

A Los Angeles home is abandoned, leaving its homeowners and 15 month old baby in perpetual danger. But this ambush takes a twist when Adam Carolla and Skip discover the real truth. (20:30)

catch a contractor • Adam Carolla • Alison Bedell • Skip Bedell • carpenter • contractor • scam • justice

Catch A Contractor Episodes

Lather, Rinse, Deceit - Episode 111

Smooth-talking Johnny promised the Scott’s a new bathroom & abandoned them half way thru, leaving them with dangerously exposed electrical wires. Will it be lights out for Johnny when Adam and Skip ambush him?

Aired: 04/13/2014

Going Out In A Blaze Of Flooring - Episode 110

Kathy hired contractor Randy to update her condo. He left her with appliances in the living room, a dangerous fireplace and hundreds of excuses. What happens when Adam & Skip confront Randy and his lies?

Aired: 04/27/2014

Time For Rejoisting - Episode 109

Vance told grieving widow Valerie that he was a contractor. He said he would build a stabile art studio for her, but all of his shoddy work needs to be re-done, and he’s been dodging Valerie for months. Will Vance do the same to Adam and Skip?

Aired: 04/20/2014

Backyard No-Asis - Episode 108

Unlicensed contractor Jeff turned Chris & Damian’s backyard, front yard and dreams of a bedroom balcony into a nightmare and unsafe disaster zone. What happens when Adam & Skip confront the hapless handyman?

Aired: 04/27/2014

Un'Coop'erative Contractor - Episode 107

The Goodes wanted a 1/2 bath, laundry room and chicken coop for Cluck Norris and his hen friends. Carolla and Skip wade thru a pile of excuses and backyard full of chicken poop to confront contractor Manny.

Aired: 04/20/2014

House Of Cards - Episode 106

Preppy contractor Jeff converted a structurally sound home into a dangerous death trap when he removed a load bearing wall. Can Adam and Skip get him back to secure the house before it collapses?

Aired: 03/23/2014

Hack Of All Trades - Episode 105

Shady contractor Pedro claimed to be a jack-of-all-trades, but instead he jacked up everything he touched. Will his hack job prevail or can Carolla and Skip bring justice to the family he screwed over?

Aired: 03/16/2014

Size Does Matter - Episode 104

Unlicensed contractor Myron, turned his former neighbors kitchen into a dangerous fire hazard. Will Adam Carolla and Skip get him to man up, face the family and fix his mistakes?

Aired: 04/6/2014

An Avi-ously Dangerous Home - Episode 103

Open sewer pipes and insect infestations caused by shoddy contractor Avi are now making the homeowners sick. Can Adam Carolla and Skip hunt him down and force him to fix the disaster he created?

Aired: 03/9/2014

Fooled By The Floyds - Episode 102

A Los Angeles home is abandoned, leaving its homeowners and 15 month old baby in perpetual danger. But this ambush takes a twist when Adam Carolla and Skip discover the real truth.

Aired: 03/30/2014

No Way Jose - Episode 101

A family must sleep on the living room floor after shifty contractor Jose ripped their home apart and split. Can Adam Carolla and Skip drag Jose back to the scene of the crime to fix his mess?

Aired: 03/9/2014

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