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Horsepower: All LS And All High-Performance Fun - Episode 245

Aired: 03/10/2012 | Views: 3,960 | Comment

Horsepower’s back to the second annual Holley LS Fest. It's an event where LS-only powered cars compete on the drag strip, the autocross and even a drift car challenge. (0)

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PowerBlock Episodes

Horsepower: Encore engine tech and Sensuous Steel - Episode 283

Horsepower reprises some favorite, useful engine tech how-to designed for budget-minded DYI guys. Then, it’s off to explore a one-of-a-kind exhibit of rare, art deco inspired automobiles from around the world.

Aired: 10/26/2013

Horsepower: A Buildup of Ford’s classic Inline Six - Episode 282

After rescuing a 300 inline from the boneyard, the Horsepower guys will show how to completely prep and machine the block and assemble the cylinder head.

Aired: 10/19/2013

Horsepower: Driveway Rescue and Supercharger test - Episode 281

A champion Pro Stock racer pitches in to bring a ’55 Chevy back to life. And the guys will install and test some new supercharger technology.

Aired: 10/12/2013

Horsepower: Horsepower’s Nissan 240/LS Finale - Episode 280

The Horsepower guys build a stout Chevy LS with high performance parts dropping it in their Nissan 240 project car. Then, it’s off to a nearby road course to test the car’s power and driving performance.

Aired: 10/5/2013

Horsepower: Horsepower’s Nissan 240/LS Launch - Episode 279

Horsepower kicks off a unique project car build – a Nissan 240 SX, powered by a Chevy LS engine and other components that’ll transform a little sports car into road course giant.

Aired: 09/28/2013

Horsepower: Camshaft Creation Secrets and a Super Chevy Celebration - Episode 278

Horsepower gets all-access to discover how high performance cam shafts are designed, manufactured and tested. Plus, a visit to the Super Chevy show in Memphis, Tennessee.

Aired: 09/21/2013

Horsepower: Double Power Adder Big Block - Episode 277

Horsepower sets the stage for ground-shaking horsepower, with the buildup of a 496 cubic inch big block. After testing it naturally-aspirated, they’ll fit two power adders – pushing the power limit in the dyno cell.

Aired: 09/14/2013

Horsepower: High Tech Engine Testing - Episode 276

After John shows how to build your own set of headers, the HorsePower shop will get a new, state-of-the-art Superflow dyno upgrade. After trying it out, they'll also install and demo a new flow bench, designed to test air flow in heads and other components.

Aired: 09/7/2013

Horsepower: Cheap, Useful Tech - Episode 275

No high-dollar engine build this time. Horsepower presents a trio of helpful, budget-minded tech segments enthusiasts can use at home. Plus, a secret look at tomorrow’s cool shop tools today.

Aired: 07/28/2013

Horsepower: Coyote-powered Racer - Episode 274

Coyote Stock is a hot new, heads-up racing class. This time the Horsepower guys drop a sealed 5-liter engine into a Mustang LX – along with race trans, suspension and brakes – to create a classy, class contender.

Aired: 07/20/2013

Horsepower: Driving the Texas Mile - Episode 273

Horsepower makes its first journey to a Texas Mile event, where it’s all about top speed on one mile of concrete. Hot rods are pushed to the limits, and speed records will be shattered at this bi-annual festival of speed.

Aired: 07/13/2013

Horsepower: Big Block Mopar Match Up - Episode 272

The Mopar 451C.I. stroker is arguably the best BB combination available. It’s made by dropping a 440 crankshaft into a 400 block. Horsepower takes you down a how-to path of what’s involved to build a reliable torque-wrenching big block that produces big numbers on the dyno.

Aired: 07/6/2013

Horsepower - Anniversary Supercharged Mustang - Episode 268

Horsepower celebrates Edelbrock’s 75 years of high performance with a special build on a new five-liter Mustang. The car gets a new E-Force supercharger, Ford Racing suspension, exhaust and more. It’s also a car to be given away to a lucky gearhead viewer.

Aired: 04/27/2013