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Grand Re-Opening - Episode 102

Aired: 04/10/2010 | Available Until: 03/17/2019 | Views: 401 | Comment

While planning a grand re-opening of Players, Ken's repeated attempts to prove to the staff that he's capable of having fun backfires. (21:30)

Players Episodes

Mr. Meat Snak Stix - Episode 110

Bruce holds a promotional event at Players for a brand new snack product that ends up being meat-flavored crank which turns everyone in the bar, including the staff, into hopped up, violent drug fiends.

Aired: 08/30/2010

Teardrop Angels - Episode 109

With the fear that Ken won't stop pining for his ex wife until he sleeps with someone else, Bruce puts up a prize for the first Players employee to get him laid.

Aired: 08/30/2010

Induction Day - Episode 107

The gang prepares for a visit from a ruthless food critic who's doing his yearly round-up of the area's best sports bars, while Hickey deals with heartbreak over his favorite ball players ineligibility for the hall of fame.

Aired: 08/30/2010

Scumdog Millionaire - Episode 105

When Bruce leases the bar out for a film shoot that turns out to be a hardcore porn movie, Ken is incensed until he's invited to play the part of an authentic restaurant manager.

Aired: 08/31/2010

The Intervention - Episode 104

When Ken becomes concerned with Bruce's gambling, he stages an intervention which only he takes seriously.

Aired: 08/21/2010

Barb's Husband - Episode 103

When Bruce is nonchalant about Barb still living with her husband who she's separated from, she gets upset and breaks up with him.

Aired: 04/17/2010 Available until: 03/24/2019

Grand Re-Opening - Episode 102

While planning a grand re-opening of Players, Ken's repeated attempts to prove to the staff that he's capable of having fun backfires.

Aired: 04/10/2010 Available until: 03/17/2019

Krista's Mom - Episode 101

When her hard-to-please mom comes for a visit, Krista lies about being the manager of Players to impress her and then, in a moment of panic, lies again about being engaged to Ken. But when her mom decides to move out to Phoenix permanently they have to figure out a way to "break up".

Aired: 04/3/2010 Available until: 03/10/2019