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Xtreme 4x4: Green Samurai Returns! - Episode 145

Aired: 04/30/2011 | Views: 1,201 | Comment

You loved our Samurai with its vegetable oil burning Jetta diesel. The BioZuke returns with an eye on getting more power. Drivetrain upgrades will include new running gear, funky beadlock rims & tires, lockers, and 100% new aftermarket... (17:09)

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Search & Restore: Fabulous Hudson Hornet Part 2 - Episode 048

Can a world-class award-winning hotrod be built in 20 days? Watch this ’51 Hudson go from a stalled project car, to a meticulously assembled, chopped, bagged, and smoothed “blue ribbon” masterpiece. Top builders from the US volunteer to make it happen.

Aired: 12/21/2013

Search & Restore: Fabulous Hudson Hornet Part 1 - Episode 047

The Fabulous Hudson Hornet is legend, in NASCAR racing, in animated film, and now on Powerblock, when Tim Strange rescues a stalled project from a Michigan viewer. Volunteers gently transform history into a show-stopping lead sled right before your eyes!

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Search & Restore: ‘55 Chevy Wagon Part 2 - Episode 046

Modern components turn a classic into a “G-machine” with an LS3, overdrive trans, and air suspension. Then the family returns to see what 4 weeks and our all-volunteer team can do when motivated for a good cause. Many tears shed in this emotional reveal.

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Search & Restore: ‘55 Chevy Wagon Part 1 - Episode 045

Chad’s a complete gearhead. A tragic motorcycle accident in his youth never stood in the way of fulfilling his dream of owning a ’55 Chevy. Tim Strange and the team of volunteers rescue his project and turn it into a one-of-a-kind custom street rod!

Aired: 12/21/2013

Search & Restore: Multipurpose TJ Part 2 - Episode 044

Good guy Jason Smelser won’t recognize his TJ when we’re done with it. Part 2 shows the Jeep come together, with a completely freshened up and rebuilt straight six, transmission rebuild, heavy duty transfer case, body protection, paint and more.

Aired: 12/14/2013

Search & Restore: Multipurpose TJ Part 1 - Episode 043

Jason loves to go wheeling, but can’t hang with the big boys in his stock wheeler. Our all-volunteer team heads to Louisiana to rescue his Jeep TJ from the junkyard. Host Tim Strange calls upon the top aftermarket suppliers to give this ride a steroid injection!

Aired: 12/14/2013

Search & Restore: ’67 Chevy II Part 2 - Episode 042

With paint and bodywork complete, our team finishes the task of completing a frame-off resto of Andy’s 67 Chevy II in just 4 weeks’ time. He and his small children visit the Tech Center to see the transformation of their Nova turned bonafide hotrod.

Aired: 12/14/2013

Search & Restore: ’67 Chevy II Part 1 - Episode 041

When Andy lost his wife to cancer, priorities changed. His Nova sat in the garage as a constant reminder of a dream unfulfilled. Enter our volunteer team. This 4 week build transforms the family car into a tribute to a loved one not forgotten.

Aired: 12/14/2013

Search & Restore: ’70 Monte Carlo Finale - Episode 040

It’s wrapping up the Giveaway Monte Carlo G-Machine build as the Powerblock guys including Tommy from MuscleCar and Ryan from Trucks set to tying up a ton of loose ends to get the old Chevy to Start, Stop, Go, and Turn.

Aired: 10/26/2013

Search & Restore: ’70 Monte Carlo Part III - Episode 039

Tommy from MuscleCar shows how to get rid of one of those annoying holdovers from the Muscle Car era: a vinyl top. Learn how to get rid of that nasty glue that doesn’t want to let go! Then after some Body work on our Giveaway Monte Carlo G-Machine.

Aired: 10/19/2013

Search & Restore: ’70 Monte Carlo Part II - Episode 038

Progress continues on the Monte Carlo Giveaway G-Machine as Mike from Horsepower helps Tommy from MuscleCar stiffen the frame, and Ian from XTreme 4x4 lends a hand with a beefed- up rear end for the old Chevy. See how a suspension swap takes this GM car to a whole new level of handling.

Aired: 10/12/2013

Search & Restore: ’70 Monte Carlo Part I - Episode 037

MuscleCar’s Tommy Boshers gets a helping hand from the entire Powerblock Team in order to begin turning a tired old 1970 Monte Carlo into a Serious G-Machine which will be given away to one lucky viewer. This episode includes an in-depth 6.0 LS build with Horsepower TV’s John Bouchard.

Aired: 10/5/2013

Search & Restore: Team-Built TJ Part IV - Episode 036

Ian and a crew of seasoned auto techs wrap up a major rebuild of one lucky viewer’s Jeep TJ. We’ll take him to the trail and sit him behind the wheel, for his first serious off-road adventure!

Aired: 06/22/2013

Search & Restore: Team-Built TJ Part III - Episode 035

We told a viewer that we’d take a look at the shaky suspension on his lifted TJ. But we called in a nationwide team of 16 auto techs from 9 shops to rebuild his ride! Today: hydraulic-assist steering, revamped electronics, and selectable lockers.

Aired: 06/15/2013

Search & Restore: Team-Built TJ Part II - Episode 034

A nationwide team of auto techs drop by the Xtreme 4x4 shop to transform a viewer’s beat-up TJ into a fully-loaded dual-purpose rig! The build continues with stainless exhaust, a custom rollcage, and high-tech axle assemblies.

Aired: 06/8/2013

Search & Restore: Team-Built TJ Part I - Episode 033

When one of our viewers took us for a ride in his wobbly, lifted Jeep TJ, we told him we’d take a look at it. What he doesn’t know is we’re rebuilding it from the ground up, with trail-tested suspension, a powerful straight-six 4.0L and more!

Aired: 06/1/2013