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Beantown Bidders - Episode 213

Aired: 07/26/2011 | Available Until: 09/30/2014 | Views: 62,122 | Comment

At one of the nation’s oldest storage facilities in Boston, Allen and Ton hope to unearth treasures. An 1800s blackpowder whaling harpoon, and a Betsy Ross flag help make history. (21:00)

season two • ton jones • allen haff • auction hunters • Boston

Auction Hunters Episodes

Early Bird Special - Episode 226

Allen and Ton rise early for a Stanton, CA auction and battle a fierce bidder. They’re rewarded with a vintage Shooting Star carnival game and an MMA grappling dummy.

Aired: 11/29/2011 Available until: 09/30/2014

Reel Money - Episode 225

Ton and Allen battle reckless bidders at a San Diego container auction. Finds of a military training “laser tag” system and Fighting Chair for big-game fishing put them on top.

Aired: 11/22/2011 Available until: 09/30/2014

Auction Hunters, Ink. - Episode 224

A high-end LA auction proves golden for Ton and Allen, as they snag a Terry Ives competition chainsaw, and an autographed Bob Shaw Swing Gate tattoo machine that Ton happily tests.

Aired: 11/15/2011 Available until: 09/30/2014

Great American Cashtime - Episode 223

A trip to San Diego pits the hunters against high rollers. Ton & Allen hold their own to land a rare 50s Master Pitch baseball machine and a Jaws of Life tool used in car crashes.

Aired: 11/8/2011 Available until: 09/30/2014

Hot Wheels - Episode 222

Allen and Ton venture to Palm Springs for a sizzling desert auction. Hot finds include a 70s sand rail dune racer with rally hemi heads and a 1965 replica Mustang pool table.

Aired: 11/1/2011 Available until: 09/30/2014

Battle Bought - Episode 221

Allen and Ton go to a container auction in Whittier, CA and battle Allen’s old foe. The guys find a mint 1800s French Harmonica Pistol and a set of remote-controlled combat robots.

Aired: 10/25/2011 Available until: 09/30/2014

Night of the Digging Dead - Episode 220S

Ton and Allen head to Oxnard, CA, where they find a 40s embalming pump and one of the first electric bone saws. Later, the guys take to the seas to test a custom-built shark cage.

Aired: 10/18/2011 Available until: 09/30/2014

Sin City Shootout - Episode 220

Allen and Ton take on some heavy gamblers in Vegas and hit the jackpot with a 1953 Chevy-inspired bumper car, M16 30-round magazines, and aerosol-powered spud gun potato launchers.

Aired: 09/13/2011 Available until: 09/30/2014

Rodeo Ton - Episode 219

Ton and Allen visit Anaheim Hills, and win a 1970s El Toro mechanical bull used to train riders, a silver WWII-era banjo, and a collection of 1800s handcrafted hunting duck decoys.

Aired: 09/6/2011 Available until: 09/30/2014

Viva Las Vegas - Episode 218

Ton and Allen roll the dice in Vegas and score big with a death-defying Zig Zag magic sword box that Allen tests, and a rare 1910 poster of the infamous magician Chung Ling Soo.

Aired: 08/30/2011 Available until: 09/30/2014

Half Pipe Dreams - Episode 217

Ton and Allen encounter so much drama in the LBC, but land a 70s Z-Flex Jimmy Plumer Poolrider skateboard with art by Doug Smith and a S.W.A.T. team grade Kevlar vest and helmet.

Aired: 08/23/2011 Available until: 09/30/2014

Knuckle Dust - Episode 216

The guys try their luck in Hollywood and uncover an 1870s French Jarre Dolne Knuckle Duster revolver-knife-brass knuckle combo, and a 1980 autographed "Raging Bull" movie poster.

Aired: 08/16/2011 Available until: 09/30/2014

Dallas Mavericks - Episode 215

Allen and Ton travel to Dallas for a Texas-sized showdown. The trip lands them a military-grade Tomahawk missile jet engine and a century-old handcrafted wild west cowboy saddle.

Aired: 08/9/2011 Available until: 09/30/2014

Diesel Digs - Episode 214

Ton and Allen's big finds in the the industrial hub of LA include a 1981 Bobcat 743 Frontloader, and a trench-defending WWI German Sturmtrupp helmet-bashing mace.

Aired: 08/2/2011 Available until: 09/30/2014

Beantown Bidders - Episode 213

At one of the nation’s oldest storage facilities in Boston, Allen and Ton hope to unearth treasures. An 1800s blackpowder whaling harpoon, and a Betsy Ross flag help make history.

Aired: 07/26/2011 Available until: 09/30/2014

Top Gun Ton - Episode 212

Allen and Ton battle high rollers in Ontario, CA. Their patience is rewarded with a 1920s Gundlach Korona camera, and a RC Viper FanJet aircraft that Ton eagerly tests.

Aired: 07/19/2011 Available until: 09/30/2014

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