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Death: A User's Manual - Episode 109

Aired: 03/30/2009 | Views: 20,988 | Comment

1000 Ways to Die combines the science of living and the randomness of death with a dash of Darwinism. What actually happens when a rattlesnake's venom enters the bloodstream? How do Nitrogen bubbles affect the body after long... (6:09)

1000 Ways to Die Episodes

I See Dead People (and they're cracking me up) - Episode 110

A college kid gets a fatal colonic; a jokester laughs himself to death. A Japanese man bows out; a death row inmate has a delayed reaction - to his own death. A hot dog thief chokes on his wiener and a pervert has an affair with a cow heart.

Aired: 04/6/2009

Death: A User's Manual - Episode 109

1000 Ways to Die combines the science of living and the randomness of death with a dash of Darwinism. What actually happens when a rattlesnake's venom enters the bloodstream? How do Nitrogen bubbles affect the body after long exposure under water then immediately to 2 miles up into the sky? These questions will be answered in glorious CGI effects. Forensic experts, pathologists, toxicologists, herpetologists, and other experts offer eloquent explanations of mortality.

Aired: 03/30/2009

Cure for the Common Death - Episode 108

The decision by a couple of Ozzy Osborne fans to snort fire ants ends poorly. July 4th reveler does more drinking than thinking - a homemade firecracker takes his head off. For two rock fans, an air guitar duel gets them too much air - out their 6th floor window. Frenchman suffering from a bizarre eating disorder breaks his own bank after consuming 10 pounds of coins and jewelry. Burp!

Aired: 03/23/2009

Death Be Not Stupid - Episode 107

A narcoleptic factory worker falls asleep in the worst place possible - a giant industrial oven. Bank robbing biker goes down in flames after drinking gasoline to get a buzz. A married couple finally have sex after seven years.  The end result?  Simultaneous deathgasm.

Aired: 03/16/2009

The Good, the Bad and the Dead

The Good, the Bad and the Dead - Episode 106

A paranoid survivalist has a run in with a snake. Guess who loses? Shoplifter jumps in a dumpster and winds up getting trashed. A cute girl catches a big one - down her throat. It's a fish tale that's hard to swallow!

Aired: 03/9/2009

The Lighter Side of Death - Episode 105

A farm hand plows the farmer's daughter and winds up dung for. Two lovers like it raw - when it comes to snails. A bad magician bites the bullet. Two stoners smoke out, pass out and die. A "small" man gets well hung. A Civil War vet gets scared stiff.

Aired: 03/2/2009

Death Gets Busy - Episode 104

An angry man accidentally takes a bath - in acid. A super model eats herself - to death. A porn addict gets "blown" away by an exploding tire. X-Ray becomes a Sex-Ray for one unlucky patient. Bad Botox leaves a frozen smile on a corpse. Two stooges completely "nyuk" themselves.

Aired: 02/22/2009

Dead and Deader - Episode 103

A 30 year old virgin has a deadly reaction to being stuffed into rubber suit by a bewitching dominatrix, and an adrenaline junkie gets all the amperage he can handle from his bombshell girlfriend, when she plugs him into the welding machine. Plus, Alcoholic exemplifies the old adage," You can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink... From his mouth."

Aired: 02/16/2009

Death Over Easy - Episode 102

A mushroom-infused trip leads a guy into a fetish orgy and some grizzly realizations.  A dozing beauty asks if that fire-breathing midget on her chest is real or bad dream and a Peeping Tom gets an eye-full as this gorgeous beauty tries to cool off on a hot summer night.

Aired: 02/9/2009

Unforced Errors - Episode 101

A sex-crazed beauty works out a fantasy with some fresh-produce, an attorney jumps out of the conference room window on the 40th floor! Plus, a young couple has their last "quickie" in a helium-filled deathtrap.

Aired: 02/9/2009

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