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Full Episode

A Bar Full of Bull - Episode 318

Aired: 08/25/2013 | Views: 79,753 | Comment

A rickety mechanical bull fails to attract customers in this salty New England whaling community. Can Jon right this ship and prevent two siblings from sinking the bar and their father’s retirement? (41:30)

Bar Rescue Episodes

The Lost Episode - Episode 998

In this lost episode, Taffer takes on a hot-tempered New Jersey bar owner who can't stop kicking customers and employees out of his bar.

Aired: 06/1/2014

Taffer's Top 10: Angriest Moments - Episode 997

Nightlife expert Jon Taffer counts down his ten angriest moments from the first three seasons of Bar Rescue.

Aired: 06/29/2014

Taffer's Top 10: Toughest Rescues - Episode 996

Nightlife expert Jon Taffer counts down his ten toughest rescues from the first three seasons of Bar Rescue.

Aired: 06/29/2014

Taffer's Top 10: Worst Owners - Episode 995

Nightlife expert Jon Taffer counts down the ten worst owners he's encountered from the first three seasons of Bar Rescue.

Aired: 06/22/2014

Taffer's Top 10: Most Disgusting Bars - Episode 994

Nightlife expert Jon Taffer counts down the ten most disgusting bars he's encountered from the first three seasons of Bar Rescue.

Aired: 06/22/2014

Scary Mary's - Episode 339

The lecherous owner of a dying Texas dive crosses the line with one of Taffer's experts.

Aired: 05/4/2014

Muscle Madness - Episode 338

Two muscle-bound meatheads can't see pec-to-pec on how to run their Houston bar. Now their tempers and testosterone threaten to tear their friendship apart.

Aired: 05/11/2014

Taxed Out in Texas - Episode 337

Torn apart by a dysfunctional staff and a bad reputation, a tax accountant turned bar owner struggles to keep his biker bar afloat.

Aired: 04/13/2014

Scoreboard To Death - Episode 336

Taffer is joined by celebrity guest Maria Menounos as he takes over a failing sports bar, wrangles with an incompetent owner and deals with an undertrained staff.

Aired: 03/30/2014

When Life Doesn't Hand You Lemons - Episode 335

Too busy canoodling to notice his staff is sinking, a manager treats his bar like a romantic playground, forcing Taffer to demand help from the bartenders.

Aired: 04/20/2014

Grow Some Meatballs! - Episode 334

At a family run bar, a brother and sister are locked in conflict with their explosive father. But while Taffer struggles to train an inexperienced staff, disaster is about to ignite in the kitchen.

Aired: 04/6/2014

Punch Drunk & Trailer Trashed - Episode 333

A dysfunctional family’s feuding pushes Jon Taffer to the limit. Will their outrageous antics force Jon into an extreme decision?

Aired: 03/23/2014

I Smell A Rat - Episode 332

Profits are going up in smoke due to the overwhelming odors and frat house behavior at this hookah bar.

Aired: 04/27/2014

Hostile Takeover - Episode 331

A heavy drinking owner of an Irish sports bar is the subject of a hostile takeover… by his co-owners!

Aired: 03/9/2014

Twin Vs. Twin - Episode 330

Lights, sirens and handcuffs greet Jon before he even enters the door of this Kansas City bar. Sibling rivalry between two identical twins with identical huge egos, present Taffer with one of his toughest rescues.

Aired: 12/15/2013

Critters And Quitters - Episode 329

A raccoon infestation threatens to exterminate this member's only bar in Kansas.

Aired: 03/16/2014

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