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Pinup Problems - Episode 103

Aired: 10/30/2012 | Views: 25,086 | Comment

Jasmine helps put a prank in the past, Gus attempts a full back piece, and Tommy works on a superfan with a busted pinup, but his fix runs into major problems. (41:30)

tattoo nightmares

Tattoo Nightmares Episodes

Tribute Trouble - Episode 108

Big Gus tackles a tattoo traded for a pizza, Tommy helps a distraught southern gentleman with his son's mixed up initials and Jasmine revamps a girl's homemade butterflies.

Aired: 12/7/2012 Available until: 09/30/2014

Don't Call It a Tramp Stamp - Episode 107

Gus helps a mom put her criminal past behind her, Jasmine takes on a horrible tribal done by a rockstar, and Tommy covers The Fastest Man in Hollywood's biggest shame.

Aired: 11/30/2012 Available until: 09/30/2014

Burn Baby Burn - Episode 106

Jasmine is shocked by a burning American flag tattoo, Gus struggles to cover a rocker's tribal embarrassment and Tommy finds out his client's tattoo almost cost him his life.

Aired: 11/23/2012 Available until: 09/30/2014

Teabag Tattoo - Episode 105

Jasmine turns a personal trainer into a robot, Tommy gives his client a proper tribute to her mom and sister, and Gus meets a tattoo artist with a horrible tat.

Aired: 11/16/2012 Available until: 09/30/2014

Butt Pirate - Episode 104

Gus uses a pirate to cover a Vegas mistake, Tommy memorializes a guy's dead parents with dead parrots, and Jasmine struggles to make a tribal art tat a distant memory.

Aired: 11/6/2012 Available until: 09/30/2014

Pinup Problems - Episode 103

Jasmine helps put a prank in the past, Gus attempts a full back piece, and Tommy works on a superfan with a busted pinup, but his fix runs into major problems.

Aired: 10/30/2012

Dragon Slayer - Episode 102

Gus covers a dragon tramp stamp that is ruining his client's sex life, Tommy tries to fix a man's belly button tattoo, and Jasmine saves an emotional Marine's jacked tattoo.

Aired: 10/23/2012 Available until: 09/30/2014

Killer Skyline - Episode 101

Gus tackles a horrible LA skyline tattoo but the pain is too much for his client, Tommy smokes out a pot leaf, and Jasmine inks over an ex's portrait.

Aired: 10/16/2012 Available until: 09/30/2014

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