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Ink Master Explosion - Episode 408

Aired: 04/15/2014 | Views: 51,202 | Comment

Kyle can’t take the heat anymore & takes it out on Nunez. The Flash Challenge gets more explosive when the Artists use Gunpowder to make Art. King of Horror Rob Zombie steps up as Guest Judge for gory tattoos of creepy Demons. (41:30)

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Ink Master Episodes

Ink Master Live - Episode 413

Artists & Judges come face to face and sparks will fly as old wounds are opened & secrets are revealed. The final 3 reveal their massive tattoos & America votes LIVE one last time to help determine the next Ink Master.

Aired: 05/20/2014

Fight To The Finish - Episode 412

The top 4 Artists fight for a spot in the Live Finale in 2 epic final challenges. Artists ink Breast Cancer Survivors’ scars & then cover some of the worst mistakes from this Season. One last insane final twist is announced.

Aired: 05/13/2014

Karma's A Bitch - Episode 411

Artists board a yacht for a bird’s eye view of the Statue of Liberty, but a surprise leaves them panicking. As the fight intensifies, one Artist uses cutthroat strategy to get ahead & top dogs end up on the chopping block.

Aired: 05/6/2014

Tag Team Tatt - Episode 410

One of the biggest twists in Ink Master history has Artists depending on each other to survive. One Artist wages a full on attack. The fight for the final five is on as two Artists are forced to face off to prove themselves.

Aired: 04/29/2014

Fighting Dirty - Episode 409

The Artists make mouth grills for champion boxer Brandon Rios. A fight with a Canvas ends in disaster. Jay’s plan to take out Scott results in an explosive critique as the final 6 battle it out for the title of Ink Master.

Aired: 04/22/2014

Ink Master Explosion - Episode 408

Kyle can’t take the heat anymore & takes it out on Nunez. The Flash Challenge gets more explosive when the Artists use Gunpowder to make Art. King of Horror Rob Zombie steps up as Guest Judge for gory tattoos of creepy Demons.

Aired: 04/15/2014

Artist Slaughter - Episode 407

Halo hears smack talk & gets revenge. Drama erupts when broken-hearted Canvases want tattoos they got for their exes covered. Kyle starts to crack & pressure is on when the Judges announce a massacre, sending 2 Artists home.

Aired: 04/8/2014

2 On 1 Tat-Astrophe - Episode 406

The Artists are forced to work in pairs and end up at each other’s throats. When a Canvas passes out, one Artist takes matters into his own hands, and another loses his marbles. The Judges make a drastic decision.

Aired: 04/1/2014

X-Men's Hugh Jackman - Episode 405

The Artists ink X-Men superfans with iconic X-Men characters in the first ever color portrait challenge. The Ultimate authority chooses the winner...Hugh Jackman. A thrilling sneak peek of X-Men: Days of Future Past is revealed.

Aired: 03/25/2014

Nude & Tattooed - Episode 404

The Artists get up close and awkward with naked Canvases. The game is on when one Artist screws everyone over. New York Yankees Legend CC Sabathia is Guest Judge. Another Artist loses a shot at 100K.

Aired: 03/18/2014

Tatt Ganged - Episode 403

Bikini clad twins try to endure the remaining 10 tattoo artists all drilling them at once. An injury sends one Artist to the emergency ward.

Aired: 03/11/2014

Bug Out - Episode 402

One artist snaps and is determined to leave the competition. Live poisonous scorpions, tarantulas and eyeballs are tattooed.

Aired: 03/4/2014

Earn It! - Episode 401

A new crop of talented and cutthroat Artists learn they must first EARN an Ink Master shop by tattooing hundreds of canvases Convention Style.

Aired: 02/25/2014

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